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The New 1:1 Scale Pitty

“PirateDad” says anyone can collect the Mattel Disney Pixar Pitty’s – only a real pirate collects 1:1 scale Pitty’s. Here’s his “Stacy” and “Trunk Fresh’s Pitty.”


Or alternative caption, “PirateDad” typical CARS collector readies his backup forklift to bring in this months shipments of singles, 3-packs, movie moments, value packs, playsets, box sets, exclusives. The yellow forklift is for the MINI’s.

Real story – PirateDad traded his green forklift for the yellow one – humm, one looks a little newer … anyone trading CARS with PirateDad – don’t be fooled by the eyepatch … he’s a sharp one! 🙂

Thanks for the fun photo – we would all love a forklift to drive around – that would make shopping at Costco so much easier … 🙂

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23 August 2008 CARS, Gadgets, Toys 7 Comments

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