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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Oversized CASE B Pictorial

I know it’s hard to believe but it’s like Gold Mia & Tia … in the next few days or weeks, they will realize the giant stack of cartons they have to walk around for a smoke & to-backy chew break are filled with oversized CARS – mainly CASE B – it is in the warehouse and in the stockrooms, so also keep in mind, each of the forthcoming OVERSIZED cases starting with CASE C will contain 4 of the releases from A & B along with Dustin Mellows and CASE D will repeat that pattern only 1 of the 4 will be Dustin Mellows … and so on and so forth so do NOT panic, do NOT overpay unless for some reason you have to have it for a birthday or you need a gift for National Consumer Credit Day.

Our original post on the first three OVERSIZED release (CASE A) is here.

And now, CASE B:

The Dinoco Helicopter is probably the least changed. As you can see, it’s barely longer, it’s taller, wider and thus more volumnuous but not significantly different. It’s still not really in true scale to the film – if you recall – Mater comfortably fit inside. It is nice though, lots of detailing but upon closer inspection, the original Dinoco Helicopter actually doesn’t contain much less detailing even though it’s much smaller – I guess we shouldn’t really be surprised.

For those that are scale fanatics, the Tomy vending machine CARS are a much closer scale match now but still a tad large as it would be difficult to drive Tex Dinoco, The King, Mrs. The King and some of the showgirls into Dinoco Heli?

For completists, it does bring up an interesting issue of whether they are bringing back smaller Dinoco Heli in the WOC: Race O Rama single carded series in 2009 …

Also in CASE B is Marco … while called a FAV-18, as others have noted, it’s a combo of current jets – there are licensing issues so it was probably easier just to combine some elements.

Unlike the mostly new nearly all metal Barney, Marco is about 70% metal and 30% plastic – though hefty, the airflow/heat scoops are plastic and the wings are plastic. His “body” (which includes the back tail) is all metal – I’m not complaining.

Great detailing underneath.

My only real note is that he is a bit too small for scale but I understand why and at least he’s larger than the mainline CARS as he would’ve had to be pretty small to fit in the regular blister … here he is next to Barney…

And of course, the third CAR – the long awaited metal diecast Mack … and he doesn’t disappoint. Heavy, solid and packed full of details.

He’s actually lined up with Sponsorless McQueen here to gauge his length even my camera angle makes it appear they are not lined up.

But a better comparison is the new Diecast Mack compared to plastic Mack (from Mack Playset where he tows McQueen’s bachelor pad) …

Plastic Mack is on the left.

Details are just a bit sharper on the diecast Mack – painted & tampo decals eyes instead of stickers.

The left Mack is the plastic one with the plainly visible “Fifth Wheel Coupling” where the trailer’s “king pin” drops in. The new diecast Mack cab only has a “mock” mold and cannot actually take a trailer drop. What’s interesting is the new Mack Hauler is EXACTLY the same body mold as the diecast Mack cab (on the right) BUT it does have an actual hole in the fifth wheel coupling where the “kingpin” of the trailer can drop into … so interesting that they would go to the bother to make sure the Mack cab only wouldn’t work with the hauler trailers … odd as it’s not like you can buy a hauler trailer separate … You can also see the size comparison in length between the old & the new.

The back of the new one really has all the extra detailing (other than the working trailer thing) … you can see the detailing on the exhaust pipes, the mud flaps, the license plate, the painted wiring and on top, the small lights are painted in …

Here he is next to Sponsorless McQueen …

Top view …

Here is original plastic Mack back on the right … I’m not really a truck expert and can’t say which is a more correct scale comparison but the plastic one’s length, width, height and girth doesn’t seem wrong … am I wrong?

Right? They both look pretty right? Right? So I gotta say – you still might want to own the plastic Mack also (plus the bachelor pad is a fun attachment anyway).

Or for EXTRA fun 🙂 … here’s plastic Mack, diecast Mack & Mini Advenure’s Mack …

As Mattel likes to say, “Collect Them All!”

Our photo post on Mini Mack.

And one last shot of all the “oversized” Flying craft of CARS (okay LS McQueen is the SD version but Ransburg Blue kicks Dinoco Blue’s a** …).

Interestingly enough, the best upgrade is probably is probably Al Oft the Lightyear Blimp … he is substantial and lustrous now where as before he just seemed to be a round piece of plastic … and yea, Dinoco “oversized” LS McQueen can’t hold a candle to SDCC LS McQueen but I think we all saw that one coming. Barney, while looking almost exactly the same is now hefty and also substantial so it is a nice upgrade but from 4 feet away, he looks exactly the same. Dinoco Heli is a solid upgrade also – still not 100% in proper scale and same with Marco – appreciate the much bigger and better size but still not quite big enough – not complaining, just commenting 🙂 . And the new Mack is nice in metal (or more metal – his “face” and the coupling area are still plastic), but oddly, he makes you continue to appreciate the all plastic Mack and if you haven’t gotten that Mack, put him on your list (and of course, Mini Mack …) or if you’re buying the Mack Hauler, you get the eaxct same Mack only with a working coupling and trailer …

But that’s complicated, just collect them all and sort it out later … or maybe that’s just me … 🙂

And while small Al Oft is scheduled in the next shipments of Lane Mates, will he along with small Dinoco Heli grace Race O Rama singles?

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