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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Walmart Confusion, Changes & More Confusion

If there was a grand plan, it’s now just a sham of a mockery of a travesty of a plan …

Did Walmart get scared that us consumers were downgrading? That instead of CARS, we might have to buy dinner in a jar?

I have to say, I’m no casserole expert but I’ve never eaten a casserole that was 99% liquidy and comes out of a jar and I believe that applies to sausages also … um, DO NOT WANT … maybe that’s just me but sausage from a jar? Okay times must be tough.

I notice there’s a U in favorites … so do we blame the British or the Canadians for this?

Or maybe it was the glue issue?

Not in the sausages but a lack thereof on the cards so everything is backed up as they inspect for glue … because times and pallets are a changin’ almost daily …

So, now, the WM November pallet is no longer with us, it is now pining for fjords. It is now called the December pallet but it’s arriving the week before Black Friday in the middle of NOVEMBER. But never the November pallet … got it?

It is scheduled for release on 11/28 Black Friday but the pallet might go out EARLY because it is NOT considered a Black Friday item so some stores may decide to put it out before BF. There are no Mattel diecast items for CARS for Black Friday at WM – though there are some discounted items for the week after Thanksgiving – the closest diecast item on sale appears to be the Mack car carrier … not terribly new or exciting. The oversized also might be discounted the following week but like the Target Storytellers – the laughs on us as there is virtually no stock now but who knows, it’s another week away and CASE B could actually be set free … so life as a CARS drought buyer could change drastically … hey, at least you’re not at home eating casserole out of a jar … unless you are – then, um, sorry dude … unless it’s really tasty and we’ve been bypassing that for solid meat products like idiots …

So look for a pallet and or these CARS in the next week to two weeks.

Will your store get a pallet and or put it out between November 18th and the 28th?


Or absolutely not.

Or somewhere in between where they put it out and yank or fill it with candles or the Hannah Montana Giant Hair Stylin’ Head … (Yep, it’s real – just saw an ad for it).

So, yes, everyone is confused including two multi-billion dollar corporations who are either working together, not working together or confused or all three but between now, the 18th and Black Friday, start looking for these …

Will you also find the CARS Collector Guide & Night Scope McQueen. Sure, why not.

Will you find Haulers at WM in the next few weeks … I doubt it. I think they are waiting for the new “January” pallet which will NOT arrive until after Christmas.

(Which is yes, now the JANUARY pallet but it’s arriving on December 20th … yes, that makes no real sense but hey, whatev …).

So, anything is possible … Because they don’t know anymore either and we’re passing the savings onto you!

So, all clear? Got the signals straight and all that? So, go, stop, proceed with caution and repeat … hey, at least gasoline is practically free so make like a big carbon footprint and drive to the WM 3 hours away and work your way back …  let us know how successful you are.

Good luck – you go thataway and I’ll go thisaway … turn left at Pismo to meet at Albuquerque next to the frozen yogurt cactus … ready, set … what are we doing again?

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