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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Side by Side Oversized-Mega Size Versus Normal

Some photos to see the Mega Sized line versus the regular:

Yea, it was getting kind of dark but I was too lazy to drag out the whole lighting kit so no difference in color, just a little more shadowy on the right – can you guess who is the 98%-metal versus the metal-plastic Barney of the WM8?

Virtually identical – the 98% metal is the one on the right (on all the pics). The only plastic part left is the smiley face “engine” cover right behind the propeller. It’s hefty and it’s nice. Even though the previous Barney Stormin’ was mostly metal anyway except for the wings, the metal wings makes it significantly heavier but it feels right being mostly all-metal. Not like you really needed an excuse to buy it but excellent upgrade.

Boy, it’s not the size but the volume ….

Man, I feel gassy today …

While the blimp is not exactly one of my favs … I gotta say the new blimp is a nice upgrade also … it’s lustruous feeling and looking … maybe all the extra plastic holds the gray paint better or for an extra $2 bucks, we get an extra $.20 worth of paint but it feels nice and smooth and lustruous … no, I don’t like it enough to sleep with it but maybe a 10-minute nap 🙂

Curses Mattel, you are right to say ‘Collect Them All’ – again, nice upgrade!

Though its scale is still way too short … even for the Tomy vending machine cars … a true scale blimp 1:55 would be about 37″ (this one is about 5″) but I’m not sure anyone would really pay about $29-$39 for a true-scale Lightyear Blimp unless you could fly and it and it lite up … and even then, other than employees of Goodyear, not the most thrilling RC … so unless plastic gets real cheap or they create an inflatable, I sense this will be the largest blimp we see in this line …

The first two-piece Dinoco McQueen for those CARS diecast trivia buffs …

But of course, everyone knows his slightly older brother – the all-star, all-pro from San Diego (the Comic Con to be precise) ….

Here’s Lightning Storm McQueen next to Lightning Storm McQueen SDCC … sometimes a $10 dollar upgrade buys you a soda, this upgrade buys you the top of the line Mattel Pixar CAR … so it’s hardly a fair comparison.

The Lightning Storm McQueen Mega-Size version is nice … it’s just not extra rockets-chrome Ransburg paint-rubber tires & extra details nice … It’s the movie star & the stunt double … it’s a cold one in an ice bucket versus a mini fridge … the plain jane LS McQueen is nice, it’s just not SD Comic Con nice …

Hard to compete against a guy ON A STAND, in a box with weaponry on top, and white tipped missiles and another extra set of rockets underneath … cushioned by real rubber tires (well, real synthetic as they call it in diecast land) and ransburg blue chrome.

With the rest of the everyday Joe Dinoco McQueen’s …

Still nice – just not brilliant …

CASE B release photos and review here.

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