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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Printable November Shopping Guide

Here is your November Printable Shopping Guide – simply drag off and open in another app – then print … you might have to resize to get it to fit on a regular size sheet of paper … yes, it’s that kind of month … 🙂

Note – some items are listed as December but I suspect they will show up slightly earlier so it’s listed … and of course, Mattel is like your high school crush – you will run the gamut of emotions from mad love to sheer joy to emptiness to loathing when you swear they said they would meet you at this corner/action alley and yet, it’s just you and the whistling wind. The only promise is no promise.

But hey, have fun, because without crushing despair, how can you enjoy the other end of the spectrum?

Never give up!

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