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Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS: Mini’s 6-Packs

It looks like the early proto packaging pics of the 5-pack Mini’s has all been updated to the 6-packs of Mini’s in the U.S. or maybe the international ones will be 5-packs? But it looks like in the U.S., the 6-packs are the format. And I’m guessing each 6-pack will look much more like Crusin’ At Flo’s versus the older 5-pack design …

So, here’s a mini update on the Mini’s … again, no dates as Mini’s tend to just appear … for those on the fence or not on the fence on collecting, it’s hard to say what is happening to line but keep this in mind – Mattel is not going to give up the peg space without a fight and while compared to CARS 1:55, it pales as a mega powerhouse sales force but compared to other diecast line extensions, it’s one of the most successful of all time so it looks like it will be around for a while longer and I think these box sets are a nice way to go forward.

My only criticism of the line is that I think they got off on the wrong foot with some less than enticing character choices in the first case and the dull 2-pack blister design that dampened the launch. They probably should have started the line with something like these – at about $18 for 6 Mini’s, while it’s the same cost per mini as the 2-pack blisters, these are so much classier and by removing the front pane or even not, you have a fun display for the office or a much nicer way to show off the mini collection than a dull hanging blister card. It’s also much easier to gift give a nice display box versus a hanging blister card.

There are rumors they are working on bigger sets … there are only rumors so I won’t say anything else 🙂 …

Crusin’ At Flo’s is of course out and available at Target.

Coming Soon …

Radiator Springs Fire Department

which I’m guessing now includes a Lizzie?

Sarge’s Boot Camp

which now apparently includes Mack in camo gear …

Police Department

Not sure what the 6th Mini will be …

and Race Rods …

Others are listed but no photos yet:

Piston Cup
Highway 66

Most of these Mini’s within these boxes are out in a variety of other packaging but there are exceptions such the Police Department features at least three Mini’s not available elsewhere but it really depends on when these will actually come out.

The current and updated Mini’s Visual Checklist is HERE.

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