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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Week That Was Was Not

The early info we got was that the pallet was coming out on Week 45 … except that WM apparently starts their Week count a month into the regular calendar year (or post holiday inventory) so Week 45 is not the week 45 you or I might call week 45 … so we’re a few more weeks away … week 45 is the post turkey day in the US known as …


It is so named because in the old days of retailing – when 40% of a year’s sales were made in the last 8-10 week, that was the period stores turned red ink into black numbers in the accounting ledger … or red into green … it’s not really true anymore but people like saying …


When what we really should be saying is … after being in a hot box with 14 relatives and ALL the family, one giant meal that would serve a village for a year somewhere, 4 football games, 11 kegs of beer and dozens of boxes of wine and ALL the conversations that start with,”Let me tell you …”


It’s no wonder people get up at 4 AM to be with COMPLETE strangers crammed into one giant box store.

And as if ceramic dogs for $.99 was not enough enticement, this year looks like we will getting a pallet of CARS. Followed a week or so later by a different pallet … and followed by ANOTHER CARS pallet a few weeks later.

So, the good news is that Mattel finally was Tarzan … me, Mattel – you gorilla – you can hold 6 pallets …

… and WM said okay …

So, for many, there will be CARS heaped upon CARS heaped upon CARS heaped upon a trampled customer.

There are about 4,000 Walmarts in America – some are lower classified ones (yes, please make your own jokes here) …

But I’m guessing at least 3,000 fall into the A or B tier of Walmarts internally coded by Walmart as to what or how much stock they will receive.

In the “A” tier WM’s, they will get in chronological order:

November 28, 2008 – ONE of the “NOVEMBER pallet.”

December 5, 2008 – TWO of the “DECEMBER pallet.”

December 26, 2008 – THREE of the “DECEMBER TWO pallet.”

In the words of Monty Python – holy hand grenade.

Keep in mind that these dates are GUIDELINES like when you say, for richer & poorer 🙂 … they may appear on that date, they may appear earlier, later or not at all. Because if it was easy, we’d be collecting these …

What’s up with doll bigger and heavier than most 8-year olds? Can anyone tell me? Is that 70 phrases in the right corner or the weight of the doll?

Buy one and you are done. CARS, however, is like that Eagle’s song …

Will all WM’s get 6 pallets by December 31, 2008?

Probably not but does it matter? Does seeing a pallet with 11 RC CARS and a pair of PJ’s someone shoved into the other empty side mean anything either?

But hey, I sense this is the CARS shopping section I will encounter on my journey.

So, no promises … except of course, over that green hill will be the WM with 6 pallets – I’m sure someone will send us a picture 🙁  🙂

We have a pretty good idea what will be in the November pallet …

Yes, I know all the singles have the same UPC that’s the UPC’s I was given so – whatev … I have not yet gotten to the bottom of that.

What’s going to be in the December pallets – don’t know but there should be OVERSIZED & HAULERS – maybe more LAUNCHERS?

Hopefully – will find out soon.

Meanwhile, I’m working out the kinks of my Doc Ock arms for faster shopping and yoinking …

“Arggh, another RC Lightning McQueen!”

Or for those collecting these, your pallet is HERE!

Yea, no possible room to fit in a TOY pallet but giant balls of wax to burn your house down? We have those.

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