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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: The Toys R Us (TRU) Holiday & N20 Cola Shopping Plan

The Buy 5, Get N20 Cola for $5 is up & running.


Buy 5 single CARS at Toys R Us (in-store and only singles count) – you don’t have to buy them all in one trip or one store. (um, yea, good luck finding 5 in one store you want). SAVE YOUR RECEIPTS!

Once you have 5 or a multitude of 5, then you’re ready for …


Go to the Mattel redemption website. Even if you intend to mail in a check, if you do it all online, at least you have a transaction number. Follow the page along to enter your address info – at the next to last page, you can choose to pay by credit card or mail a check. It doesn’t really matter as you have to mail in the cardbacks and receipt anyway but you can choose. Note the reference number. You can either print that out as your address label or simply write the number on your envelope.

You should get an email back that they acknowledge this info and they are waiting for your cardbacks, UPC’s and payment (if by check).


Open up the CARS. You will need all your saved receipts and the UPC. But here is where it gets tricky … because on the singles blister packs, the UPC is in different places depending on which card you are buying:

DESERT BACKS/SUPERCHARGED/WORLD OF CARS: The UPC is underneath the CAR on the cardboard “road.” So if you are buying a desert back/Supercharged or World of Cars CARD, you will need to mail in BOTH the cardback AND the UPC on the “road” underneath.

WORLD OF CARS: RACE O RAMA: If you are buying one of the new card design, you only need to mail in the cardback since the UPC has now been moved to the back.


Mail your cardbacks and or cardbacks AND bottom UPC (if necessary) along with payment (if paying by check) to …

Disney/Pixar CARS N20 Cola Car Offer
P.O. Box 1229
East Aurora, NY 14052

You will get an email when it ships.


What CARS qualify?

Essentially every “singles” CAR you can find and buy at TRU between now and December 31, 2008. There is a scan of the qualifying UPC’s listed below from the back of the mini sheet in the stores but it is essentially every single CAR ever released that you might possibly find on a TRU shelf bewtween now & December 31, 2008.

BUT this being TRU, you have to 100% vigilant!

For some oddball reason, TRU will occasionally sticker over the Mattel UPC and place their own – these UPC’s do NOT match up with the ones on the approved list – DO NOT BUY! RETURN those CARS. Why does TRU do that? No clue.

Some people report that lazy TRU cashiers might run one UPC and then try and just list the other CARS you’re buying (presuming you’re buying different CARS) as ‘quantity’ 4 or whatever … this makes your receipt INVALID for the promotions and in fact, disallows your returns at TRU anyway since the UPC doesn’t match. If they attempt this, stop them and politely point out you are buying these for a promotions and they must be rung up separately. Again, accepting this only invalidates your receipt for the promotions so either ask them to ring it up again or walk away. Of course, if you’re really buying 4 of one CAR, then you are obviously okay.

Toys R Us online purchases?

Doesn’t appear to qualify but they sell so few singles CARS online anyway plus with shipping – you are better off just buying them in a store.

Website with other info on the promotion is HERE.

“DisneyCarsFanatic” was kind enough to scan in the form which should be in stores today (of course, it was not at the store I went to).

This list essentially matches the previous website listing with the addition of about 16 UPC’s at the bottom last column – the new Race O Rama releases from CASE A, CASE B and maybe even CASE C …

You’ll also notice some of the Kmart CARS on this approved list even though – good luck finding them at TRU. It does not mean TRU will be getting them, it is only listed in that for some reason, the CARS Collector Day Event had fallen through at Kmart and maybe they had to move the promotions so you’ll find a lot of CARS on the list that do not exist or will not be out by 12/31/2008 but they want it covered just in case. It’s better to have something on he list not actually available at TRU than to have you buy something that got shipped early and not count.

Additional Toys R Us Holiday Shopping Tips

Sign up for the TRU Loyalty Card – Buy $150 worth of stuff before the end of the year, get a $5 gift card … yea, it’s not much but it is something 🙂

There is also a coupon in the Sunday version of the Toy Wish Book worth $10 if you buy $75 dollars worth of stuff at once between now & pre-Thanksgiving (or good for about 4 weeks). (Note, the Toy Wish book in stores do NOT have this coupon).

And of course, we & some of our readers have ideas and programs for toy donation so even if you have loose “extra” CARS, here are some ideas to consider & a link to Toys For Tots.

Here is the updated list:

UPC CODE          SKU       NAME

027084 47639 2       K4585      CARS RADIATOR SPRINGS LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 47640 8       K4586      CARS RAMONE (yellow)

027084 47641 5       K4587      CARS BOOST

027084 47642 2       K4588      CARS FABULOUS HUDSON HORNET

027084 47643 9       K4589      CARS YOUNG MATER

027084 47645 3       K4591      CARS HAMM

027084 47646 0       K4592      CARS FERRARI F430

027084 47647 7       K4593      CARS CRUISIN’ LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 49401 3       L4143      CARS DIRT TRACK LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 49403 7       L4145      CARS HYDRAULIC RAMONE

027084 49404 4       L4146      CARS RAMONE (purple)

027084 49405 1       L4147      CARS TEX DINOCO

027084 49406 8       L4148      CARS RPM #64

027084 49407 5       L4149      CARS BOB CUTLASS

027084 49408 2       L4150      CARS DARRELL CARTRIP

027084 49409 9       L4151      CARS FRED

027084 49410 5       L4152      CARS DALE EARNHARDT JR.

027084 49411 2       L4153      CARS MARIO ANDRETTI

027084 49413 6       L4155      CARS YETI THE ABOMINABLE SNOWPLOW

027084 49414 3       L4156      CARS DINOCO HELICOPTER

027084 50397 5       L5251      CARS LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 50398 2       L5252      CARS SALLY

027084 50399 9       L5253      CARS MATER

027084 50400 2       L5254      CARS SHERIFF

027084 50401 9       L5255      CARS DOC HUDSON

027084 50402 6       L5256      CARS LIZZIE

027084 50403 3       L5257      CARS CHICK HICKS

027084 50404 0       L5258      CARS THE KING

027084 50405 7       L5259      CARS WINGO

027084 50406 4       L5260      CARS DJ

027084 50407 1       L5261      CARS DINOCO LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 50408 8       L5262      CARS RAMONE (green)

027084 50409 5       L5263      CARS NITROADE

027084 50410 1       L5264      CARS LEAK LESS

027084 51753 8       L6550      CARS BUG FACE LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51754 5       L6551      CARS BLING-BLING LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51755 2       L6552      CARS DINOCO CHICK HICKS

027084 51756 9       L6553      CARS TONGUE LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 51757 6       L6554      CARS OLD SCHOOL RAMONE

027084 55985 9       M1252     CARS FILLMORE

027084 55987 3       M1254     CARS SNOT ROD


027084 56964 3       M2320     CARS TOW

027084 56965 0       M2321     CARS CHUKI

027084 56966 7       M2322     CARS PIT CREW MEMBER FILLMORE

027084 56967 4       M2323     CARS LIGHTNING RAMONE

027084 58369 4       M4240     CARS NOT CHUCK

027084 58370 0       M4241     CARS GUIDO

027084 58371 7       M4242     CARS RACE OFFICIAL TOM

027084 59326 6       M5253     CARS VAN

027084 59327 3       M5254     CARS CACTUS LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59328 0       M5255     CARS GHOSTLIGHT RAMONE

027084 59329 7       M5256     CARS AL OFT THE LIGHTYEAR BLIMP

027084 59331 0       M5258     CARS PISTON CUP PACE CAR

027084 59332 7       M5259     CARS KORI TURBOWITZ

027084 59964 0       M6099     CARS DINOCO PITTY

027084 59971 8       M6106     CARS OCTAIN GAIN PITTY

027084 59975 6       M6110     CARS STACY

027084 59977 0       M6112     CARS KATHY COPTER

027084 59978 7       M6113     CARS RON HOVER

027084 59979 4       M6114     CARS SPIN OUT LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59980 0       M6115     CARS AXLE ACCELERATOR

027084 59984 8       M6119     CARS CHIEF NO STALL

027084 59985 5       M6120     CARS TAR LIGHTNING McQUEEN

027084 59987 9       M6122     CARS PETROL PULASKI

027084 59990 9       M6125     CARS DEXTER HOOVER

027084 64142 4       N0929      CARS SALUTING SARGEN2481

027084 65482 0       N2481      CARS LEROY TRAFFIK

027084 65484 4       N2483      CARS TANK COAT PITTY

027084 65485 1       N2484      CARS NITROADE PITTY

027084 65487 5       N2486      CARS EDWIN KRANKS

027084 65489 9       N2488      CARS FRED

027084 65490 5       N2489      CARS CHIEF RPM

027084 65491 2       N2490      CARS SALLY WITH CONE


027084 70746 5       N8472      CARS FRED WITH BUMPER STICKERS

027084 70788 5       N8514      CARS SHINY WAX

027084 70789 2       N8515      CARS SPAREMINT

027084 71726 6       N9860      CARS SPUTTERSTOP

027084 71727 3       N9861      CARS TRANSBERRY JUICE

027084 71728 0       N9862      CARS VIEW ZEEN

027084 72449 3       M5441     CARS RACE DAMAGED KING

027084 72448 6       M5440     CARS PATTI

027084 72401 1       P1639      CARS MCQUEEN W/BOOT

027084 59979 4       M6114     CARS MCQUEEN TIRES

027084 59978 7       M6113     CARS RON HOVER

027084 72404 2       P1642      CARS BOOST W/BOOT

027084 65484 4       N2483      CARS TANK COAT PITTY

027084 65487 5       N2486      CARS EDWIN KRANKS

027084 65490 5       N2489      CARS RPM CREW CHIEF C/O CAR

027084 72405 9       P1643      CARS SNOT ROD W/BOOT

027084 72411 0       P1649      CARS TUMBLE WEED LIGHTNING MCQUEEN

027084 72400 4       P1638      CARS TRUNK FRESH PITTY (WIDE BODY)

027084 72402 8       P1640      CARS GRETA BRUCHMAN

027084 72407 3       P1645      CARS DJ W/BOOT

027084 72406 6       P1644      CARS EASY IDLE PITTY (TOUGH GUY BODY)

027084 72408 0       P1646      CARS HANK HALLOWEEN MURPHY

Some photos of the new ‘possible’ releases are at our SDCC post.

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