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Toys R Us Reward-Loyalty Card

Toys R Us just launched a loyalty rewards card program – FREE to sign up.

For every $150 you spend you get $5 of free booty.

Even better news for all the new TakeFive Readers who just birthed some babies, Babies R Us is included in this program and best news – diaper purchases count! In fact, they are having some special where there’s a Buy 9 Get 1 box free deal – woohoo!

Of course, now you have an excuse to make a BRU midnight run – going to get diapers (and hope that the TRU is right next door).

Of course, you will also get email notifications of specials and an intriguing thing …
Rewards”R”Us members will receive advance notice of participating in-store sales and special events. From time to time, these notices will include special store hours reserved for Rewards R Us members and other best guests.

Signup is FREE – you can do it in store or online – click on ENROLL. If you do it online, you get your membership number and a temp card to print out – if you do it at the stores, you get your card there.

It’s well designed – you get an updated online page to keep track of your rewards.

And for signing up, there is a coupon for free shipping – good for the next week.

Of course, don’t forget the Buy Five, Get N20 Cola promotions starts on Sunday the 26th.

If we accrue $150, can our reward be a run through the back room to bring out the stock we want to buy?

Thanks for the heads up on the card & program, Matt!

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  • JULIA says:

    I have a complaint about this program. Once you earn the rewards the time frame to redeeem is extremely short barely two weeks. I delivered my baby by c-section right before the certificates were valid by the time I was able to feel comfortable enough to leave the house to use them I found out they had expired the day before. The customer service rep and her supervisor had no sympathy towards me being a new mom. Im sure they are banking on new parents to not use the rewards. BTW, I spent over 800.00 in merchandise to get the 15.00 rewards, so I think it is pretty awful of them to not try to accomodate me as a courtesy. I dont rate this program well and will stop using the membership and stop shopping there. It certainly isnt the only place to buy baby items.

    (MET: You should definitely write to them and let them know … in theory, they are trying to earn the rewards of people like you – well, congrats on being a new mom!)

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