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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: OUR Dream Halloween Giveaway

Last week, we asked people to submit what they thought DARTH MATER would auction for?

He went for $10,000!

And who guessed the EXACT AMOUNT?

“miller.tj” Come on Down!

He/She guessed exactly $10,000 – someone we all want to hang with at the roulette table … so Miller TJ, we’re sending you an email right now!

And while we didn’t plan on a second prize, Angela E, “Chesterpig,” was off by 1 PENNY so we will come up with a second prize 🙂 – email going out also!

And yea, I think there were a couple $10,001 but Price is Right rules … 🙁

They each win the one-of-a-kind TakeFiveADay-Children’s Toy Closet Lightning Ramone.

Along with some Mini’s?

Original Post HERE.

Apparently it was the last item auctioned and people were a little tuckered out – so the bid did not higher. Mattel won the auction.

Thanks for entering … and we’re working on the next contest … all I can hint at is with the proclivity of some our readers to empty their bowels 😛 … you might want to have some DEPENDS handy …

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