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Mattel Pixar Diecast CARS: Collecting Packaging Variants – Twice as Nice?

I didn’t set out to collect them but when you have piles of CARS around you and the odds of selling off Crusin’ McQueen now for $150 are pretty remote … might as well stack them by my gold bullion collection …

Basically, the original WOC cards featured the CARS in a relatively flat position within the blister – some CARS like Mater or Fillmore don’t offer you many options since they tend to fill up most of the blister anyway … or like the Pitty’s, they don’t really make much sense angled upwards. Most of the releases are available in one position for the run of WOC (November 2007 to today) but most of the McQueen’s have had the inside stand changed from a slightly upward incline to ramp-like … so for those who believe the word ‘complete’ is the beginning of a long fruitful discussion that hopefully does not end in roundhouse kicks to the mouth … here’s some throwdowns in the fight to be called a completist …

I’m pretty certain there are “ramp” versions of Bug Mouth & Cruisin’ McQueen – not positive about Radiator Springs McQueen …

These two McQueen’s – Tar & Cactus are only available in the ramp versions since they were not released until after the ‘switch-over.’

Did I leave anyone out?

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