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Mattel Pixar CARS: ‘Stickers’ McQueen Versus White Wall McQueen

Some people have reported getting a ‘whitewall’ McQueen in a blister card for STICKERS McQUEEN … there are some obvious and subtle differences …

Of course, both have whitewall tires …

The differences?

The most obvious of course is that ‘Stickers’ McQueen has three bumper stickers placed on him during his visit to Lizzie’s Curio Shop … (screenshot from film)

So, if you see the “normal” MEDICATED BUMPER OINTMENT, that’s clue #1.

The the hood offers one more obvious clue and one not so obvious.


‘Stickers’ McQueen has a Tar spot covering his right lightning bolt. Whitewall McQueen does NOT (on right).

Much more subtle is that the left lightning bolt on the hood is outlined in white while the Whitewalls McQueen (top Car) has the “normal” lightning bolt decal with a black border.

So, these are your three differences:

Bumper Stickers versus Large Decal
Tar versus No Tar
& White border lightning bolt versus black border lightning bolt.

Whitewalls McQueen was scheduled for the NEXT Movie Moments shipment which is now up in the air as MM’s are being changed to a Target exclusive … some international countries have gotten them already (Whitewalls McQueen comes with Fillmore). Presumably we will get the same configuration in the US, definitely with a Target exclusive sticker but probably also a new design motif (no more World of Cars theme?)

So, it would appear that the packers at the factory got confused and put in the ‘other’ McQueen with whitewall tires.

So, the other question is of value? There are collectors who collect error CARS, so it’s worth something extra but how much extra? That’s hard to say because ‘Stickers’ McQueen is selling for$15 to $30 dollars now … so how much extra will you get on top of that for an error version? I would say its value would be much greater if “Whitewalls” McQueen weren’t coming, but in reality, it’s extremely, extremely remote for a “three” error CAR to escape the factory – it’s one thing not to place the correct bumper sticker decals on it for one portion of the car but to miss the tar spot AND the wrong front lighting bolt decal? That would be two errors too many … so it’s really more like getting Doc Hudson on a card that reads Fabulous Hudson Hornet. Interesting & amusing but hardly Earth-cracking …

But if you get one of the ‘incorrect ones,’ don’t despair – if you’d rather have a regular ‘correct’ Stickers McQueen, many collectors will be glad to swap you a ‘correct’ one for an ‘error’ one.

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