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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: The Art of the Motor Speedway Set

The other day, we put together a visual timeline checklist of the Piston Cup racers as they first appeared … in all of our quests to make sure we have it all and are up to date with everything out, it’s sometimes easy to forget what little pieces of art they are – again, thanks to Martin Arriola, his team at Mattel and of course, Pixar for dreaming up this little world … an art tribute to the Motor Speedway Piston Cup racers … with a little help from Photoshop … (okay, it was 99% Photoshop and 1% me 🙂 ).

Okay, not so much Photoshop, in technical photography terms, I believe this is called pressing the shutter while moving the hand around … when it’s intentional, it’s art … when it’s not, it’s just OE … (operator error) 🙂

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