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Mac MPEG Streamclip: Editor & VOB FLV Converter Extraordinaire
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing, Film, Gadgets, Internet, Media, TV on 13 June 2007
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MPEG StreamClip is the final piece to your Mac video editing and converting all-star lineup.* From their own description, there is practically nothing StreamClip can’t do … and in reality, they pretty much deliver exactly what they promise. It’s a little too much to paste it all in here so at the end is their […]

iphone needs itunes to work properly
Posted in Apple Mac, Gadgets, Mobile on 13 June 2007
Stats: and No Comments is reporting that for your new iphone to work properly you will need an itunes account.  If you want to sync your video and audio content, you gotta have an itunes account. Period.  No credit card on file – sucks to be you. For most companies, this would seem over reaching but coming from […]