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How To Backup Your Mac: Not Fun But Necessary
Posted in Apple Mac, Computing, Gadgets, Internet, Media on 7 June 2007
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Backing up your computer is pretty much the least fun you can have on your Mac. Do you need to backup? All you have to do is answer this question. “Can I reformat your hard drive right now?” Your answer? a) “Sure, whatever.” b) “I Don’t Think so …” c) “Noooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” If you answered A […]

Goodbye MTI MDA and Hello Dash
Posted in Gadgets, Mobile on 7 June 2007
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So I am kicking my T-mobile MDA to da curb. This thing has worked fairly well (especially after updating the bios which was desperately needed) but the dang thing just couldn’t grab a signal with both hands if it was paid to (and it was – by me.) So, since I have to stay with […]