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ThinkGeek: Star Wars Battle of Endor Electric Slot Car

This “Battle of Endor” Scalextric 1/32 slot “cars” are not a bad start but really, just not good enough.

There should be trees on the set itself – and randomly wandering Ewoks where if you hit it, its little bloody realistic head rolls off (you can select the kid friendly version where his head does not roll off and he just sings chumbawmba) … there has to be a mini AT-AT walker shooting at you and of course, a stormtrooper by the side of the road that shakes his fist at you yelling, “you rebel scum!” And when you win, the substation blows its roof – and then Princess Leia kisses everyone …

Humm, maybe I’ve had too much bourbon egg nog.

Thanks for the heads up Brian T & NascarBronco.


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27 December 2012 star wars No Comment

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