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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Stunt Racer Hauler Transporter Launchers

The all-plastic “Stunt Racers” line extension is starting to hit the shelves (thanks for the great photos, “John H.” – he says Target told him the on-shelf date is 1/6/3 (after the post holiday clearance) but he says if you ask nice, maybe they will crack open a case for you.

sal front

They are actually designed for a new series called Stunt Racers  – all plastic 1:55 replacements for Quick Changers … John H’s review … “I looked at the singles and find them to be very unappealing and cheap looking. I can’t see them selling at $5.99 …” The first case of 12 seem to be 3 of the 4 WGP CARS 2 racers below.

The hauler launchers match the racers, of course … there is a 360 degree spin effect (I guess to impress the kids?) … plus the typical launcher.




box back

Yes, diecast 1:55 Francesco Bernoulli fits in the back of the space and will launch.



francesco truck

For collectors, it does bring up some interesting questions – is it canon to the 1:55 mainline? Well, it’s totally your call as it’s in scale and fits a diecast but here are the arguments against it:

• It’s all plastic (no metal diecast parts)

• I do not believe this hauler appears anywhere in the film, even in the background in passing? I do not believe I have seen this hauler in any sanctioned Pixar/CARS book even as a sketch. This bullet point might change if there are subsequent book releases.

•It’s part of a line extension clearly called STUNT RACERS and not part of the mainline diecast lineup.


Of course, you are free to spend your money as your like (or not). I am just bringing up the points for and against this purchase as a collector-only discussion if they are part of the 1:55 mainline diecast lineup.


John H. also points out that while it looks like a 3 axle truck, one of the axles if fake with just a fake wheel – there are only working axles on this truck. Unlike the Mack hauler release where all 5 axles are working axles. It is literally a 10-wheeler while “Sal” is a 4-wheeler.

mack sal front

I do also find the lack of details telling (eyes are stickers as John H. notes) – but for now, I will not consider them part of the mainline series. truck

So, it should be fun for kids and it actually looks like a fun backdrop display item though the back actually looks much better – so if you want to park Francesco inside with the back dropped down, it does actually look much better and more realistic.

back scale

They appear to be $11.99.



The two haulers out are Sal and Mack …


You can find a photo to the Raoul hauler prototype here (looks like the prototypes had more front paint-color elements – presumably a cost savings measure) as well as links to more singles photos.
So, if you’re collecting these, send us some pics if the launchers work with all the accompanying racer diecasts …
Thanks John H. for the prying these out of the backroom, great photos and review. Thanks!
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