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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Stunt Racer Hauler Transporter Launchers

The all-plastic “Stunt Racers” line extension is starting to hit the shelves (thanks for the great photos, “John H.” – he says Target told him the on-shelf date is 1/6/3 (after the post holiday clearance) but he says if you ask nice, maybe they will crack open a case for you.

sal front

They are actually designed for a new series called Stunt Racers  – all plastic 1:55 replacements for Quick Changers … John H’s review … “I looked at the singles and find them to be very unappealing and cheap looking. I can’t see them selling at $5.99 …” The first case of 12 seem to be 3 of the 4 WGP CARS 2 racers below.

The hauler launchers match the racers, of course … there is a 360 degree spin effect (I guess to impress the kids?) … plus the typical launcher.




box back

Yes, diecast 1:55 Francesco Bernoulli fits in the back of the space and will launch.



francesco truck

For collectors, it does bring up some interesting questions – is it canon to the 1:55 mainline? Well, it’s totally your call as it’s in scale and fits a diecast but here are the arguments against it:

• It’s all plastic (no metal diecast parts)

• I do not believe this hauler appears anywhere in the film, even in the background in passing? I do not believe I have seen this hauler in any sanctioned Pixar/CARS book even as a sketch. This bullet point might change if there are subsequent book releases.

•It’s part of a line extension clearly called STUNT RACERS and not part of the mainline diecast lineup.


Of course, you are free to spend your money as your like (or not). I am just bringing up the points for and against this purchase as a collector-only discussion if they are part of the 1:55 mainline diecast lineup.


John H. also points out that while it looks like a 3 axle truck, one of the axles if fake with just a fake wheel – there are only working axles on this truck. Unlike the Mack hauler release where all 5 axles are working axles. It is literally a 10-wheeler while “Sal” is a 4-wheeler.

mack sal front

I do also find the lack of details telling (eyes are stickers as John H. notes) – but for now, I will not consider them part of the mainline series. truck

So, it should be fun for kids and it actually looks like a fun backdrop display item though the back actually looks much better – so if you want to park Francesco inside with the back dropped down, it does actually look much better and more realistic.

back scale

They appear to be $11.99.



The two haulers out are Sal and Mack …


You can find a photo to the Raoul hauler prototype here (looks like the prototypes had more front paint-color elements – presumably a cost savings measure) as well as links to more singles photos.
So, if you’re collecting these, send us some pics if the launchers work with all the accompanying racer diecasts …
Thanks John H. for the prying these out of the backroom, great photos and review. Thanks!
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  • D J says:

    Am i the only one who remembers seeing similar cars back in 2008? They had Chick,Boost,and Lightning.They did some kind of flip in the air? Almost got one but instead got the gold Mia/Tia and Tow Vertical 3-packs

    (MET: No recollection … photo?)

  • carslover says:

    if they decide to make a diecast version i’ll buy it
    as it stands pass for me

  • Dolly says:

    Well, i found this line here in Austria a few weeks ago. Didn’t know exactly about it but they are overpriced here, so i’m not paying 19,99€ for the Truck either 9,99€ for the cars 🙁

  • John says:

    My kids are enjoying Sal. They are used to playing with the haulers from Cars and having a race team transporter from Cars 2 adds to their play. If Mattel comes out with more in the series we’ll get them. (next two should be Raoul ÇaRoule and Max Schnell’s transporters)

    The in-movie prototype seems to be Karl Haulzemoff, Victor Hugo’s ‘limousine’. I’d bet the guys at Pixar designed the race transporters and then their scenes were cut from the movie.

  • 5oclockshadow says:

    Who knew Francesco could break dance?

    Looks like he comes with slick tires and treaded tires as well.

  • Rollerwings says:

    Interesting that this writeup mentioned the possibility of Sal appearing in future books. There is an upcoming “Rematch!/Mater in Paris” listed on Amazon with a January release date and the first story involves Francesco, so perhaps Sal is a character in this book?

    He has a neat design with an appropriately European driving cap instead of Mack’s all-American ball cap. It seems like this line would be limited to the WGP racers, but how neat would it have to open up a Karl Haulemoff launcher, have Victor Hugo do a 360-degree turn on his front bumper and then rocket away instead of waiting for Ivan? 🙂

  • tiki-mon says:

    Guys, I’m not one to defend Mattel, but I think the reason they’re plastic is so they can “perform” the stunts.

    I picked up two of the stunt racers at the El Segundo Mattel store, thinking that they’re probably some experimental model line that got the ax some time ago, as I have never heard of it. I didn’t think they were actually a line that haven’t been released yet.

    The thing is, these things needed to be light so it’ll be able to do the stunts on your hardwood floor (or desktop). Unfortunately, my house is almost all carpet, so these would not perform as well as they’re designed to, in my house.

  • Tom says:

    Plastic fantastic…
    Stickers for eyes, boo.

    When does the new Sr Consumer Insights Analyst start?

  • John in Missouri says:

    I just want to say two words to you, just two words.

    Yes, sir.

    Are you listening?

    Yes, I am.

    Plastics… Stickers…

    Exactly how do you mean?

    I’m talking the future of Mattel, the future of Cars. Nothing but plastics and stickers.


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