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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Mama Mia! What an Oddball Mama Bernoullli

“Carl P.” has discovered a pretty interesting and oddball Mama Bernoulli.

Notes in italics from Carl:

I was able to put my hands on one of the never released 2017 single card Mama Bernoulli numbered 6/8 of the fans series…

“The plastic is completely different than what we use to see and is shaping kind of, the car inside… the back of the card is black and white not glossy… similar to newspaper finish.”

The plastic bubble might’ve been a test to see if not including a plastic tray as a cost savings would’ve worked (both as a protectant and as a display). The back in black would’ve saved some money in printing – probably also a test.

If I had to guess, I would say that Disney-Pixar did not like it.

I have purchased Cruz Besouro and Flik today witch are also never released 2017 versions… there is another half dozen other 2017 single cars  existing like this …

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  • RCcars5 says:

    Sorry to disappoint, but this is a standard Latin American release. Most of the releases there have the black and white cardback and different plastic blister.

    (MET: Interesting – thanks!)

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