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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Toys R Us Event Saturday 6-24-2017

Thanks for the reminder “Ian W.”

Toys R Us is having an event this Saturday.

From 10 AM to 1 PM, you can get 5 diecast singles for $10? Not sure what’s new at TRU but still a good deal (presuming it’s the diecast singles) – do Radiator Springs Classic CARS count?

This is the Willy’s Butte Transforming playset (normally around $27 so you get about $8 off).

Once you hit $20, you get a free diecast – since these have been floating around (early) and not scheduled for release for a while, these are probably the two you can choose from … though until SAT, we won’t know for certain.

These are not exclusives – just “early to market” and “free,” so if you want/buy $20 worth of CARS, you get a “free” $4.99 retail CAR. Though it looks like it includes anything CARS including the nice 1:24 Jada CARS. So, that’s nice.

For those who thought they could resist plastic hay bales – GOTCHA! $19.99 Smokey Training Day is looking better and better.

… You know, where Smokey is a rogue cop and shoots everyone. (just kidding).

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  • lucie69 says:

    i asked my toysrus about this since it is not advertise and they said they don’t think their having it so good luck

  • MackDaddy says:

    Scalawags! (a person who behaves badly but in an amusingly mischievous rather than harmful way; a rascal.) But all creative thoughts. 😛

  • Refriedbeans says:

    At TRU freebies can usually be purchased. You could probably buy $20 of the ones with trophies and get one for free if you so wished.

  • tzdtmm says:

    For those of us going broke from all of this, what happens if you buy $20.00 worth of cars, get your free single with cup, and return the cars keeping the free one, the next day? I know that’s pretty weasel-y of me to ask, but still, just a thought : )


    (MET: I don’t know about TRU but Target prints on their receipt you have to return the “free” item if you return the rest … but you can guinea pig it and let us know. 🙂 ).

    • Big_Bad_A-mans_Dad says:

      This may be a wordy response but I believe it is as thorough an explanation as you’re going to find.

      Usually-not always, when a retailer does something like this they will use a coupon to provide the freebie.
      Say, for example you bought 10 diecasts for $20, to meet your $20 threshold, and then picked out your “free” diecast with accessory which may be normally priced at $5.99. The cashier’s instruction will be to scan all items first (including the freebie, so it leaves inventory) and then scan a coupon that subtracts the value of that item from the total.

      For an example of how a return might work, look at a simple situation where a $5 item might also be sold on a Bogo Free promo. Since nothing is absolutely free, (and everything in a store’s inventory carries a value) the receipts on this purchase will often state the “return value” to be $2.50 for each item. This value will certainly decrease if a coupon such as the one descibed above is also attached.

      Now to apply this more directly to your scenario above, imagine your purchase to consist of the 10 diecasts and the 11th freebie item (which carried a $5.99 value)
      If you try to return the 10, you’re still going to pay for the “freebie”, because it has a value more than $.00 to the retailer. The store will likely, in this case, return your 10 diecasts for a total of $20 minus the $5.99 freebie. So if you tried to do this, it is almost certain that you could expect to see a “return value of $1.40” for each diecast
      or $14.01 back for your return of 10 diecasts. (and whatever applicable taxes)

      Hope that’s as clear an answer as you might be looking for. Apologies again for the length!


      P.S. This is a good way to still get some expensive items that typically don’t go on sale at a cheaper price. I used to see this quite often at an athletic shoe store I managed. New $200 shoes that never went on sale by themselves but would go bogo 50%. 2 pairs/$300. Then a return for one at $150, keeping the other pair and only spending $150.
      EVENTUALLY-as retailers track and monitor your returns, you may be blacklisted from doing future returns. At that store, it was after $1500 in returns during a rolling 18 month period.

      • kachow95 says:

        what I’ve done at target and walgreens is buy the exclusives like todd (which was $6.03) with tax) and returned regular diecast which i can get a walmart for a lower price or TRU when they had 5 for 15. i still have 2 receipts of 5 for $15 at TRU. going to return 10 cars, get my $30+ back and go back Sunday and get the same 10 cars for $20 this time:) plus the freebie

        • tzdtmm says:

          Thank you both, if they allowed me to return the 20 but they still kept $5.99 for the free one, that’s not a bad deal either, I don’t mind paying outright for the free one. I have receipts from May 1st when I bought a majority of case A from Toys R Us the same day they put up the giant wall. So maybe I can exchange that purchase also, or like Met mentioned, just get the Jada 1:24 if they have those (I’ve been wanting the giant Mack) I actually bought the Jada Dinoco McQueen a few weeks ago and it looks great. The first thing I’m going to do is ask if I can buy the new ones outright, curious to see what they say to that. I actually bought the box with spinout McQueen and small poster “daredevil garage” outright, it was cheaper to give them $10.00 for that thing, verses the promotion of buying $25.00 of peg warmers and getting it for free.


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