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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Mini’s at the Market + Wave 2

Don’t forget to check your supermarket for CARS Mini’s …

“Robert D” found wave 2?

They look nice. He says the numbering scheme on the back is ongoing as Luigi is still #8.

And that Purple Ramone is #11.

He also notes that instead of a white panel on the back, it’s now dark gray.

Thanks Robert D. for the heads up & photos.

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  • SpyMagician says:

    Codes. I put the prefixes but those are not important, just the 2 digit number at the end.

    K09A 01 Lightning McQueen
    K09A 02 Chick Hicks
    K09A 03 Doc Hudson
    K11A 04 Cruz Ramirez (Trainer)
    K09A 05 Mater
    K09A 06 Cal Weathers
    K09A 07 Sheriff
    K09A 08 Luigi
    K12A 09 Murray Clutchburn
    K12A 10 Jackson Storm
    K12A 11 Ramon (Purple)
    12 Natalie Certain

    I only found 11 of the 12 but as confirmed above by John, Natalie is 12.

  • planetjak says:

    FYI, I’ve seen Wave 2 at a couple of different Kohl’s.

  • John says:

    09 Murray Clutchburn
    10 Jackson Storm
    11 Ramone
    12 Natalie Certain

    At our Ralph’s (same market), $2.09 each with club card.

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