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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Training with Smokey – Collect ‘Em All

Thanks, “John H.” for the great pics.

Training with Smokey 5-pack …

The diecasts all appear to be available as singles so it depends on how much you want to collect plastic bales of hay associated with the scene in the movie … but surprise, it’s NOT “Smokey with Hay Bales.”

Completists? There are NOW officially two new versions of Lighting and Guido.

Yep, it’s two NEW characters, “Lightning McQueen with Hay Bales,” and “Luigi with Hay Bales.”

Collect ’em all.

It doesn’t say so on the front but this is a TRU exclusive.

Also, new playsets (not exclusives)

Smokey’s Service Stop (also available at Amazon)

CARS 3 Midnight Jump playset

Thanks, “John H.”

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