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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS 3: Week 1 Variants

It’s only been a few days but we already have some variants …

“Carl P.” noted that there’s a PURPLE and a BLUE OCTANE GAIN HAULER (aka: Bobby Swift’s hauler). The correct one seems to be the PURPLE one as that’s the one photoed on the back of the other hauler boxes.

“Loic and Katie Ann S” sends along this pretty cool BUMPER SAVE/PONCHY WIPEOUT variant – the GOTH version.

Here’s his official CARS 3 portrait so he’s doing the BLACKOUT design thing so popular this year.

The eyebrows match the “main” color of each character (your CARS trivia for the day in case you’ve ever wondered … BTW, zebras are white with black stripes in case you’ve wondered).

Unlike with the previous movies, I think Aiken Axler-Nitroade was the only one with black eyebrows and while he’s a new character now – Tim Threadless, his eyebrows stay black … but Bumper Save should not be black – it’ll be interesting to see if they fix him in later runs.

Nitroade as a sponsor has bee AROUND since even before the CARS movie – he’s a wildly different color in the first trailer.

“John H.” notes that CARS 3 Van is a variant from the CARS release – there are dirt streaks on the top carrier. And while we were musing about why MINI is now MINNY …

“Steve N.” found this … can’t wait for this Toon … What is happening???!!!

Send in your variant and funny pics! Thanks all!

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  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    So, you says Mattel is not marketing to collectors? Gotta have one of each and every variant. And, the movie hasn’t even come out yet! Wait until the bland packaging gets pulled for better graphics that may even give a hint to who these cars may be.

    I did pickup at my local Wal-Mart a child’s book (Step into Reading) entitled Driven to Win! which contains “collector cards” in the back:

    Chase Racelott
    Lightning McQueen
    Rust-Eze Racing Center
    Jackson Storm
    Danny Swervez
    Florida International Super Speedway
    Cruz Ramirez
    Brick Yardley
    Thunder Hallow Speedway
    Thomasville Speedway
    Miss Fritter
    Louise Nash
    Hudson Harnet
    Junior Moon
    River Scott

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    There are two variants of “Cal Weathers” — Dinoco #42 — as well. The singles and two-packs all have his ‘signature’ over the windows saying “Hank Weathers”. The Target eleven pack, the signature is Cal Weathers. Like the Bumper Save black eyelids, I bet this one gets fixed too on future releases. Thus, black eyelid Bumper Save, and “Hank” Weathers, will be the error/rare ones in future.

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