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Disney Pixar CARS 3: Retail 3 Days In – Diecast & Everything Else

I was surprised not to see the TRU Wall on Monday but it looks like it just took them a few days to get it up.

The 2006 Track carrying case is back (slightly different).

This Flat Mack contains real tools and is about the weight of the two kids on the back. So, if you want your 4-year old to start on a lifetime of back problems …

There is also a LM that you can assemble and disassemble.

The bottom shelf has a giant *** Lightning McQueen. It even proudly states it’s the largest LM Mattel has ever made.

TRU has the Jada Mack & Lightning but NOT the deluxe ones with swappable tires.

Every Target I stopped at pretty much just had the Townies left over from CASE A … time to reorder and/or CASE B!

Happy shopping!

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