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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Road Trip CARS & Trailers Sidekicks Arrive

Both the singles & 2-pack trailers will arrive at Walmart as sidekick displays – though of course, your store might not have space so they might simply peg them …

Thanks for the photos, “John H.” and “Carromata95.”




Open pics and links to pics are HERE.


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  • Refriedbeans says:

    How much for the trailer sets?

    (MET: $9.97 – guess they dropped the .88 thing).

  • tzdtmm says:

    It looks like just 3 versions with the trailer in this wave, no trailer yet for Flo, Sarge, Fillmore, Sally. Kind of hard to get into these with no story behind it yet. Why not air the short first to drum up interest? Or if this is for Cars 3, you would think they would put a Cars 3 logo on it.

    (MET: Definitely not CARS 3 – via Pixar).

    • Laika2 says:

      It’s not a short. It’s just a collection. They thought the same with the Ice Racers and I told you it was just a collection not a short. If we were going to get a new short Pixar would announce it first. Thanks to all of you that buy the diecast no matter what they are releasing non-sense collections like this just to make you buy more because they are “different” like the silver, neon, ice racers, carbon and carnival….

      • quercy says:

        Ice, neon, carbon and carnival racers at least are related with a story book (TROC, Transcontinental Race Of Champions)… Trailers are not… Like “protect and serve” I believe something will show up sometime… When ? No idea but they are probably not Cars 3 baseline if not we just know now our regular die cast will cost much more…

  • John in Missouri says:


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