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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Road Trip Singles Pull Into Walmart

Thanks “Damien V.” the SHOTGUN! heads up and great photos.

The Road Trip Series has pulled into Walmart. Apparently they are releasing them as singles AND re-releasing them with the trailers later.

They all come with a trailer hook.

Cruisin’ Lightning McQueen comes with a roof box & a trailer hook.

road trip cruisin

Flo comes with sunglasses and luggage (non-removeable).

road trip flo

Fillmore comes with flip-up sunglasses.

road trip fillmore

Mater comes with a trailer hook plus new bumper sticker decorations.

road trip mater

Ramone comes with a trailer hook plus new artwork.

road trip ramone

Sally comes with a trailer hook and a roof box.

road trip sally

Sarge comes with a trailer hook and two side saddle cases – it looks like one you have to install yourself.

road trip sarge

The hook common to the series.


Fillmore functional sunglasses.

flo glasses

ramone art

The cardback shows the first three trailers? They also come with a diecast so unless you’re a completist or you don’t care for the trailers, you might want to hold off until the ones with trailers come out.

card back

cars 3 preview


Close up pics of the diecasts and trailers HERE.

Damien says they are on a Walmart sidekick so look around. These are a WM exclusive.

Thanks for the great pics, “Damien V!”

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