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ConairTravel Smart RFID-Blocking Passport Sleeve

Sea Doo-SD15001-RS1 Underwater SeaScooter


When you want to feel James Bondian

“Fastest recreational lightweight DPV and SeascooterTM for snorkeling – Super lightweight-Powered by environmentally considerate Li-ion batteries -The first detachable and externally rechargeable Li-ion battery system for an underwater vehicle – Unique self-filling ballast hull for neutral buoyancy- Gear locking system for trigger-less cruising. Down-force spoilers for safe & stable straight line navigation – 3 rotational speed selection – Ergonomic trigger positioning FEATURES Stabilizing glide fins For straight-line forward navigation Down-force spoiler Prevents upward skidding when accelerating Cruise control setting Gear locking system for trigger-less cruising.”

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