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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Diecast Preview CARS 3?

CARS 3 is coming June, 2017.

The merchandise generally arrives around 6-8 weeks prior or March-April with an embargo date but of course, some stores can’t read or never read. 🙂

Most people have already seen these diecast leaks … but don’t scroll down if you don’t want to see.

cars 3 preview

Yes, normally this would be a little early for release in April, 2017 … so what does it mean?

It most likely means we will get a pre-release probably by this Christmas.

Why? Well, why not? 🙂

But CARS is unlike any other movie:

For most action figures, how many are you buy of the same figure from that one film? Probably the main one and a battle damaged one, right? Unless it’s such a different costume change so they can’t get too carried away and not reveal too much of the plot in the first releases.

Or like NINJA TURTLES – besides the main characters, how many other figures are you going to buy? 3? 5? That’s pretty much true of every other property (outside of the CARS of action figures, STAR WARS 🙂  ).

AND wave 1 generally contains the versions you saw in the trailer so as not to give away too much (plus so there isn’t as much that leaks out as it passes through so many hands) since again, you’re pretty much only going to buy 10 figures from that film … so you don’t want to go too far early because of course, people will have tired of seeing them or maybe even forget the movie is coming.

CARS? Totally different.

First, we know the movie is about a road trip along Route 66 and Route 99.

AND it will clearly feature heavily the townies characters.

It’s also proven that as long as some effort is made to differentiate them, how many versions of Lightning, Mater & Ramone have we happily purchased?

So, why not get merchandising and the hype started early?

Why not get in an EXTRA Christmas?

It’s NOT like a typical movie where 6 months later, people no longer buy the merchandise?


Obviously there will be a trailer with them driving around with their luggage versions but it could be more? It could be an extended trailer? Or each character gets a mini short showing them packing? Or even a prologue short?

FINDING DORY’s DVD/Blu-Ray will be out in November so this trailer/prologue or short could be attached to that disc.

So, don’t be surprised if these are available for Christmas.

As soon if we hear anything even quasi-official, we’ll let you know, of course.

But clear space if you’re in for CARS 3, 2017 will come early.



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  • wheelart New Zealand says:

    I agree with you Mack_me_Bucko, when you consider the amount of people in China, would there ever be enough cars made to even satisfy there own market. Thank goodly for these Chinese sellers as I would never have been able to purchase – probably more than a hundred now, I dare not count, of Cars characters that never have been available for purchase at retail here in New Zeakand. Only through this Chinese connection have I been able to -just about- collect all the characters from Cars (1).
    I suffered the cost of buying ‘on card’ and ‘loose’ from USA sellers on eBay but the cost of shipping was in the end just too much/expensive. I will only now consider paying the shipping cost for items of the Convoy Bros, Big Al or Filmores Taste Inn,for example, when the cost of the item is worth the cost of shipping.
    The ‘free shipping’ items from China are cheaper than items in retail here in New Zealand – minus the card of course, but for the children to play with, the economics cannot be ignored.
    I have purchased Deluxe cases from US sellers to secure the the Chase and Super-Chase Deluxe characters to then see the price compettition from the China sellers, made me doubt my decision to pay shipping of the said cases as the prices compared favourable to the China sales, oh dear the dilema. No pun intended. I now have multipe Reds and Macks with Headphones, which became availabl here at retail to my dismay, that I am trying to sell here in NZ at less than cost to try and recoup some funds. -Aaaagh the pursuit of Cars, luckiley there are few crashes like this. What Marlin Brandon said in Apocolypse Now – “The horror, the horror” comes to mind.
    I do acknowledge what you say MackDaddy about the over-priced characters that are appearing from the Chinese sellers, a couple of the latest Rusteze fans come to mind, as even I cannot and will not be able to bid on those auctions at those prices. I am of the opinion that it has been a learnered observation of eBay prices from US sellers who have influenced and set the price bar that these China sellers have adopted. There is separation of wealth even at the back door for collecters who can/have and cannot/have-not, whom of the later I must admit to belonging as I cannot afford everything.
    I have chosen the singular China over the plural Chinese in my dialogue to convey greater respect for the people of China. Thank-you Met

  • MackDaddy says:

    Why does Mattel allow these backdoor sellers to operate? Lately every single new release has come out of China months before the official release! It’s very irritating to see the outrageous profit the Chinese sellers are getting for these. Doesn’t Mattel have any control over this obvious breach of contract? Or, are they in cahoots with them to reap the biggest profit from those who just can’t wait? I won’t buy these from China. I like to buy them in the package plus the price is always half the cost once they are released. I guess there’s always a sucker willing to shell out the cash to have it first.

    • John in Missouri says:

      Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto!

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      It’s my contention Mattel fully knows and profits from these “breaches”. They can now sell their slightly defective items at regular retail instead of destroying them — or these types of pre-release “rarities” at highly elevated prices. Welcome to marketing in the 21st Century. No middleman at all, straight from factory to consumer with no added costs like packaging, container shipping, warehousing, inventory, or customs.

      • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

        Years ago when there was the big dust up over the lead paint Sarges there were article concerning the manufacturing of toys in China. At that time and I am assuming it is still the same, Mattel does not have its own factories. Everything is subcontracted out with very little overall quality control. That’s how the lead base paint ended up on the Sarge cars. Mattel has no vested interest in having defective castings make their way to the back door market place. As long as collectors buy from the back door sellers, it will continue. But, isn’t it the same with the legitimate toys? Undisciplined collectors who must have the new castings as soon as possible pay way over retail, and, then watch the prices drop like a rock.

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