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Make Your Phone Less Icky … Phone UV Sanitizer & Universal Charger

PhoneSoap Charger sanitizes and disinfects your phone while it charges (Amazon LINK)


phone saver

” … two UVC lights and reflective paint to wrap the light completely around your device. When you close the lid to PhoneSoap Charger, the UV lights start automatically and run for just under 5 minutes. A blue indicator on the front signifies when the lights are on and cleaning. When the sanitizing process is done, the UV lights and the blue LED shut of automatically. You can remove your phone or keep it inside while you charge. To charge your phone, remove the compartment to find a USB port. When your device is plugged in, a green indicator on the front signifies your device is being charged. You sanitize your phone inside with or without your case on. If you use a case, we recommend placing your phone and case inside regularly and removing the case once a month for a separate sanitizing session.”

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9 May 2016 Gadgets One Comment

One Comment

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Does anyone else remember the entire colony spaceship full of telephone sanitizers and hair dressers that was crashed into a sun in the original “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy”? Seems we have arrived at that time now.

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