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BBQ Meat Season …
Posted in Food on 4 May 2016
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If you need a new grill, this new design is nice and compact plus some cool cooking features … Fuego Element 2016 F21C Model Gas Grill Reaching temps of 500F in just 5 mins & up to 650F with a 15lb porcelain-enamel cast iron grate that provides massive heat sink for amazing sear marks Compact […]

Disney Pixar CARS Contest – Checkist & Random Bits
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS on 4 May 2016
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It’s the “Clear the Closet”+ Checklist Contest! Win – a CARS Egg (no diecast), a CARS Campbell Soup*, CARS 2 pencils and a LIGHT UP pen (contributed by John H – thanks, John H!) plus pieces of the TOMY Vending Machine Mini backdrops + some of the mini CARS (might not be complete, sorry!) AND […]

Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Artie, Take 2 and Brian Fee Clamp a Champ
Posted in Disney Pixar CARS, Mattel Disney Pixar Diecast CARS on 4 May 2016
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Thanks for the great pics, “John H.” At first glance, it’s a nice 2-pack with a re-release of relatively hard-to-find Artie and the white pickup truck with headphones now called Brian Fee Clamp. Both are CARS 1 for those keeping score at home. But it’s Artie, TAKE 2 – he’s been upgraded to a unibody. […]