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Fun LEGO Storage
Posted in Lego on 12 May 2016
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Fun way to store your LEGO’s.* For your MiniFigures. Lots of fun color and sizes to store your LEGO’s. *Yes, I know LEGO like you use LEGO for the plural version but since I don’t work at LEGO, it’s LEGO’s when it’s plural. I swear on my MegaBlok Hello Kitty if LEGO hires me, I’ll […]

Disney Planes: Graphic Novelization
Posted in Disney Planes on 12 May 2016
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There’s a graphic novelization of PLANES. “Planes – the comics adaptation of the first hit film in the franchise! Made as a slow, low-flying cropduster in a small rural town, Dusty Crophopper has always dreamed of becoming a racer and winning Wings Around the Globe, the most prestigious plane racing competition in the world. One […]