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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: From 2007 to 2015 – Missing Diecasts, Tier 1

A few days, we took a look back at the Blu Ray Finder game screens (from CARS 1) and there were about 16 characters listed that we’ve not gotten as diecasts … there were 16 un-released.

What are the odds of getting them?

Well, those that have gotten a prototype made are in theory at the front of the queue. A prototype means the client (Disney/Pixar) gave Mattel an official screenshot to proceed with creating a prototype.

The ones that passed the first test/approval stage …

Albert Hinkey … his problem is he’s HUGE so he’d have to be an exclusive – plus he’s not that exciting other than to us collectors … so he’d either have to be offered at a convention/expo or a mailaway …

David Chickering job: 0947101

Bernie Banks – basically Swift Alternator with a camera so he would be an easy release.David Chickering job: 0947101

Bud – if we’re going to get RV’s as a regular Deluxe release, Bud should be on a list …Bud

And Clayton Gentlebreeze. I think he’s essentially the same as the Convoy Brother K so no reason not to get a repaint release.rick 1047469

And Trev … now that we have a Muir Train from PLANES Fire & Rescue (coming), who knows, this might be coming someday?



And of course the fun Circus-Clown CARS …

So, of the 16 un-released CARS characters from this Blu Ray Finder game, these are the 10 of the 16 with a prototype shown off. You can see large pics of the Circus-Clown CARS here.

We also have this missing fan with no name … shown off at SDCC a few years back … basically a repaint of Duff Wrecks/John Lassetire as a McQueen fan so an easy release.

And Wilmar Flatz – released as a lenticular but not as a classic fixed eye release … (next toΒ  each other).


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  • BMW says:

    Met: time for an update. Circus Clowns are now Super Chases.

  • BMW says:

    Yellow Truck! Want him.

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      If you have painting skills, the yellow truck is easily doable. Buy a Duff Wrecks and a Timothy Twostroke (for the sign and flash). Then blend them and repaint the truck yellow. Still, it would be far easier for Mattel to do it outright.

  • dskywalker01 says:

    I would also consider the missing (and rare) Haulers and crew sets as very important… especially considering Mattel had the gall to show some of them off in that museum exhibit, while the googly-eyed cars rotted on the shelves.

  • MoMcQueen says:

    Love the RVs. Love Trev. Love the photog. And I love the Clown Cars but I want them as a set. Even a pricey set. Their strength is together, as a group. I think they’ll look dumb as singles and worse as Super Chases. This is bugging the heck out of me. As individual clowns? Yech. As a troupe? Yeah! The Japanese Game Show guys were cute alone or as a group. As diecasts, they really had something going on. (Headgear, mostly.) These Clowns have honkin’ big noses and ears and that’s it. And I don’t mean ‘honkin’ literally, either. Although THAT would change my mind on the matter.

    Make them honk, Mattel!

  • Laika2 says:

    You know now you’re mention it, I realize how much I miss Cars 1 as originally was. it was totally different from the second one πŸ™

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