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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Circus-Clown CARS

There are 7 characters that comprise the Clown CARS/PT Flea’s Circus Troupe.

We have gotten Flik & PT Flea (in a 2-pack).

circus troop
These are the only 5 we have seen as diecasts prototypes …

What’s missing is the one in front of Mack – but that looks essentially like Darrell Catrip so it would not be hard to create that one as a Circus/Clown CAR.

It looks like the Big Ear Van is coming as a Super Chase – will we get these others as a Super Chase or will we get the rest in a box set at D23 Expo or SDCC 2015? I found a higher res file so you can see the other clown.circus CARS larger …


Basically yellow CHUKI with a red nose? Duff

DUFF WRECKS with large ears and a red nose.Guido

LUIGI (I’ll go out on a limb here) with hair and red nose.



MACK repaint. I’ll really take bets here.

Since Mack is deluxe/oversized – will he a Deluxe Super Chase or part of a box set?

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