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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: From 2007 to 2015 – Missing Diecasts, Tier 2

A few days, we took a look back at the Blu Ray Finder game screens (from CARS 1) and there were about 16 characters listed that we’ve not gotten as diecasts … there were 16 un-released.

What are the odds of getting them?

In the earlier post, we covered TIER 1 CARS characters that have have gotten a prototype made which is the first step – this second tier are ones from the Blu Ray Finder game screens with nanes – it seems for these Mattel requested screen shots but prototype or prototype files were unrevealed – well at least to me … 🙂

The Autobahn Society “brothers” are small sedans – pretty generic looking. I don’t think we’ve gotten a small sedan diecast (most of the camera CARS are coupes) and they are not erribly exciting looking so I’m guessing they are not very high on the release list especially if these have t0 be released in one fell swoop – like a box set – they’re not really visually all that exciting.

autobahnStuds McGirdle could be a Timothy Twostroke repaint with a camera – so an easy release … and for those who like a peek behind the scenes, this is what art supplied by Pixar to Mattel looks like.Studs McGriddle

Syd VanDerKamper was probably low on the list of even RV’s because he came with accessories but things might be looking up as not only are we scheduled to get RV’s – we are starting to get more accessories. He also is mostly a repaint of Convoy Brother K.SydTechnically, Vroomaroundus Bug – as a bug should be tiny – maybe the size of a Tic-tac compared to a regular 1:55 CAR but of course, if this gets released, it’ll just be Flik with wings (antenna already ready). The Bug is NOT listed in the BR Finder game.

VroomamusThat leaves us the rest from the BR Finder game: Bertha Butterswagon, Dan Sclarkenberg, Bennie Caliper & & Percy Hanbrakes.

Bertha seems to be a repaint Matthew True Blue McCrew.

bertha butterwagon

Studs McGirdle – another Timothy Twostroke with camera?

studs mcgirdle

Could be another repaint of any of the dozen small coupe releases.

bennie caliper

I wonder if Dan has lost his place in the queue because he used to a Pixar employee but is long gone so his namesake release is long gone also.

dan scalarkenberg

Percy looks vaguely like Milton Calypeer so they could laze out and just repaint him …

percy handbrakes

If these get released, his closes out the Tier 2 CARS characters as diecasts. These are the ones who have made some movement from screen to diecast but not as far as Tier 1, these are on Teir 2 because they made:

the first names list from Pixar in the Blu Ray finder game.
a list from Mattel to get approval from Disney-Pixar to make a prototype.

This closes out the list of Tier 2 characters.

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  • SEDEMA says:

    And the model of “TREV Train” when will be released?

    (MET: I think we’re 6 years into the wait …)

  • Ryan says:

    MET, “Vroomaroundus Bugus” IS listed in the Blu-Ray Car Finder Game….note the “us” after “Bug”….

    (MET: I thought I saw it but didn’t go back to look aall that closely … thanks).

  • BMW says:

    Met these 4 Kit Revster, Percy Hanbrakes, Wilmar Flatzz with fixed eyes, and Dan S, were all supposed to be in that last Final Lap case from Target that was cancelled. (I’d have to check your archives)

    Regardless all 4 were all made back in 2011, I’ve seen pictures posted of all 4 together by a Chinese collector.

    (MET: I figured they were made since the list of releases seemed pretty finalized but my criteria is since I never got pic from Mattel … 🙂 ).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    I’ll add again here, since it is relevant. I have a Bennie Caliper and a Bertha Butterswagon — so they were at least test made for Mattel/Pixar approval, even if they didn’t get into production. I have seen Percy Hanbrakes and Dan Sclarkenberg on eBay, but they bid too high for me to win, so those two also got test runs.

    Let’s hope they get a second consideration since the Mattel folks seem to be doing more obscure characters again.

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