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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Blu Ray Finder – 2007 to 2015

When the Blu Ray version of CARS was first released in 2007, they included a “game” called a Blu Ray CARS finder which listed some 196 CARS* for you to find as you watched the movie.

At that time, we had about 70 releases which included more than one version of Lightning, Ramone, etc … so it was almost too much to hope for that we would get many more but after 7 years, we’re closing in on all 196 listed!*

On page one, we have the un-released including Bernie Banks, Bud and Albert Hinkey. Larry Camper & Doug RM RV’s are listed as coming in 2015.

Guide 01

There is a 3rd Dinoco Showgirl shown, we’ve had 2 released – a third is not an important listing. The “Autobahn Society” CARS are pretty generic so we might still get them but they would basically be repaints at this point. We are still missing Bertha Butterswagon from PAGE 2.

Guide 02

Dan Sclarkenberg has been announced a couple times but no protos and probably the guy is no longer at Pixar so he may have lost his place in the queue forever.

Guide 03


Syd VanDerKamper has not gotten a release.

Guide 04

* The original trailer implied there were 217 CARS characters – not sure about the 12 difference- the alphanumeros are numerous but they number more than 12.

I did not realize Hamm had a last name (apparently it’s not Bologna).

Guide 05

Bennie Caliper & all 6 of PT Flea’s Clown CARS – though Van coming in a few days? The rest in 2015?

Guide 06

Another RV not released – Clayton Gentlebreeze. Studs McGirdle, Trev & Percy Hanbrakes missing. Benny Brakedrum should be out any day now.

Guide 07

Guide 08

Guide 09

Guide 10

Dinoco Helicopter has a name – Rotor Turbosky.

Guide 11

This is the second listings for the Tractor.

Guide 12

So if you could the extra Tractor and Showgirl – it’s 198 but so we’ll say 196.

Guide 13

So, presuming that Circus Clown Van, Benny Brakedrum, Doug RM & Larry Camper get released in 2015, that leaves 16 unreleased that were listed in the Blu Ray Finder. This includes 6 Circus-Clown CARS.

This was the first list of CARS Characters that Pixar considered important enough to name & actually list. Remember that other than the main townies, only a handful of other characters had lines and names called out in the film – most were completely unknown … even the Pizza Planet truck had no ‘name.” So this was an important cornerstone.

When you were playing the Blu Ray Finder game, you did remember to mail in your certificate?

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  • MackDaddy says:

    Hey Met, What’s the name on the flying bug next to the circus troupe? Vroom something?

    (MET: Vroomaroundus Bug – info coming tomo).

  • collectormom says:

    I did mail in my certificate! I have my Blu Ray LMQ sitting on the shelf next to my custom Jason P Hello Kitty LMQ. Remember that? So long ago!


    (MET; Totally forgot! Your LM is pretty darn cute! 🙂 ).

  • carromato95 says:

    Did Brian Park Motors was ever released in the USA ?

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    Interesting. I know Dan Sclarkenberg, Bertha Butterswagon, and Bennie Caliper were at least made in test runs — I have two of those three, and missed the third (Sclarkenberg) when it went too high on eBay.

    I’ve seen a third Dinoco Showgirl some time ago on eBay — she had centered eyes — again, missed her when it bid up too high. Same goes for a Percy Hanbrakes, so these were at least prototyped. Percy would be a Milton Calypeer re-do with a new faceplate.

    From what I can tell, the Autobahn Society members would be repaints of Valerie Veate (they’re on my ‘to-do’ list); and Studs McGirdle is a repaint of Timothy Twostroke (with added camera). Bernie Banks would be a repaint of Swift Alternator.

    Now if we could get the rest of the RV’s … I can dream. I’m still holding my breath on if we see Harv and Winnie from Planes 2.

    (MET: Harv is listed! … Look for most posts coming on the “lost” CARS).

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