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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2015 Themes Recap, Part 2

The Mattel Disney Pixar CARS diecasts for 2015 continue the Themes design/motif. So far, the releases have all been diecasts already released, though there are some variants and some NEW as singles (previously in box sets) … Part 1 is HERE.

race fans

There are 9 releases listed for the Race Fans series, 5 are shown. Jay W. moves from a TRU 3-pack to a single in 2015. I think Benny Brakedrum might go here – leaving 3 unknown?


There are 19 releases in the Radiator Springs THEME. 6 are shown above (Luigi-Guido count as one). Frank & Red are already released as Deluxe and Radiator Springs LM and Sally are a 2-pack – already out so that leaves 9 remaining. Presumably LM, Mack & Tractor (available separately) goes here. Plus Lost Mini & Van – leaving 4 unknown but probably townie re-releases?

tokyo party

There are 10 Tokyo Party diecasts in this series, 4 are listed above – hopefully we’ll get 6 new releases. Does “Ito San with Trailer” go here? Plus Mater with Sushi Chefs so that leaves 4 unknown?

There are 8 Tuners listed – 6 are shown above, the other 2 are most likely re-releases since there are clearly a lot of tuners with or without flames possible.


There are 15 WGP Theme diecasts – 6 are listed, 2 are available in 2-packs so far (Francesco & Crew Chief) – leaving 7 – which should be easy to fill with WGP racers.

Unknown how may Ye Left Turn Inn Theme releases there are but we know of at least 4 – the two here plus Acer & Grem at the Inn.

Brian Fuel

Remember that box set releases are NOT counted.

Thanks CTC for the photos and heads up.

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