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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: 2015 Themes Recap, Part 1

The Mattel Disney Pixar CARS diecasts for 2015 continue the Themes design/motif. So far, the releases have all been diecasts already released, though there are some variants and some NEW as singles (previously in box sets) …

95 race fan
There are 8 CARS in “95 Pit Crew.” 3 shown here leaving 5 unknown.

There are also 8 diecasts in the Dinoco Theme series – 6 shown here. Gray Semi has already been released as a Deluxe.

palace chaos

There will be 7 Palace Chaos releases – only Maurice is shown – so hopefully this means 6 NEW releases.

piston cup
There are 18 diecasts in the Pisyon Cup THEME. 6 are shown above. Easy Idle & Pitty and Chief RPM & RPM Pitty are already out so that leaves 8.

Check back later for Part II.

Thanks CTC for the photos and heads up.

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