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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: TRU Pricing Not Affecting Sales

The TRU pricing of the mainline singles at $5.99 do not seem to affect sales – at least in my area.

cars TRU

While they are not flying off the shelves, they are still steadily selling even though not a lot of new releases make it to the shelves – and while they are marked 40% more than the Target regular retail price of $3.49 practically next door, sales seem about the same as both stores.

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  • Jinzo says:

    My store still has tons of Cars on the pegs. Temptation can be pretty hard to resist 😀 I was going to buy the Kimberly/Carinne & Burke/Pitties at TRU but really dislike their “HOT PRICING” of $9.99 and said… screw it… I’ll wait till WM gets them in. Almost 2 or 2.5 months later, I picked them up @ Walmart for 6.99 each. The singles is the same thing. Currently only the Denise Beam/Lizzie/Alex w/Party Hat/Todd/Wheel Well Guido case assortment was at my local TRU but refuse to buy them at 5.99 each. Eventually, I hope, they’ll make it somewhere else. Refuse to support these outrages prices. Only exception is if I find a Super Rare 😀 Other than that, everything can wait.

  • Jack says:

    Price matching is definitely helping sales a bit at TRU and yes around the NYC area only terrible case assortments cause a glut. The best Cars from every case are gone right away and the decent cars sell too. It’s only the overproduced Cars everyone already has that stay on the pegs.
    I also don’t believe cars is past it’s heyday. Nothing Disney does ever dies if they don’t want it to. Although we are in a down period between movies. Nothing that a great new movie, exciting releases and great case assortments can’t fix. They will spruce up the line whenever they feel like it. I have a feeling they will knock Cars 3 out of the box and do it will begin again.

  • SCAVENGER says:

    My TRU is LOADED with Cars and they aren’t going anywhere! And its not just pegwarmers, there is a very good mix!

  • cac1959 says:

    TRU pricing, which now matches stores like Kohl’s, and Carsons/Elder-Beerman, is not imapacting sales nearly as much as the 2014 case assortment… the lack of new Cars is what’s negatively impacting sales.

  • Steve AKA: Poppa says:

    At my local TRU the pegs are loaded with peg warmers. At $5.99 not much is selling. Sure, the new casting is probably sold out of the back door by sales associates. I know at least one mini-manager collects Cars. Wal-Mart is $3.47. Target’s individual store pricing runs up to $3.98. Of course, it is all but impossible to find newer “old” cases. Frankly, it seems Cars is past its old prime in the toy aisles.

    • Mack_me_Bucko says:

      If Disney were to put “Cars” and Cars 2″ in regular rotation on one of their own media outlets, they’d see an immediate upturn in sales. Cars is now an evergreen, just as most other Disney franchises are.

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Lol wish we were paying that in uk our toys r us is £5.99 thats $9.81

    Disney store is £5.50 thats $9.02

    Supermarkets usually £5.00 -thats $8

    Then our deluxe die casts are £12 to £14 which is $19.68 to $22.95

    Lol they are prob being cleared out by tourists like myself, been recently and literally filled a suitcase!

  • John in Missouri says:

    Price matching?

    • Jinzo says:

      My local TRU explained to me that it “HAS TO BE THE EXACT” item… note the word “EXACT” otherwise, they won’t PM. I explained that it is an assortment and it should it should solidified a price matching because you don’t [We know right?] know what’s in the boxes. Since then, haven’t tried and really don’t care to do so…

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