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Mattel Disney PLANES Diecast: Nebraska Trials Racing 6-Pack – Close Up Look

Will this 6-pack actually contain ALL NEW SINGLES? Will a GENIUNE BONAFIDE MIRACLE occur? Will your eyes actually LIGHT UP at a ALL NEW BOX of PLANES? In any case, these PLANES look cool …

#05 Fonzarelli

#05 Fonzarelli

#12 Piston #12 Piston

#16 Firebird #16 Firebird
#17 Hammer #17 Hammer

#18 Jackson Riles #18 Jackson Riles

and Strut Jetstream Dusty Strut Jetstream Dusty

You can view more details about this 6-pack from yesterday’s post.

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  • RRichie09 says:

    All the planes have a “bulge.” Thats the mounting point. It probably has sprayers but not the tank.

  • cooltrainerpaul says:

    Yes, looks a great set, glad to see my dusty has the tanks here too my son will be delighted – be nice to finally get a more sturdy (as apposed to plastic) die cast of it, now all i have to hope for is it getting an EU release, usually smyths toys picks these packs up for uk and ireland so fingers crossed!

    Edit: the bulge (is that correct lol) just on the underside defo looks like tanks?

  • bobbyjack says:

    Can’t really tell if Dusty has his sprayer or not.

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