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LEGO at Retail – Like Uncut Diamonds (For Thieves)
Posted in Lego on 28 August 2014
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“While Legos aren’t exactly uncut diamonds (they’re not nearly as portable), as far as untraceable commodities go, they’re almost as good as cash. Thieves can sell unopened Lego sets, which are very difficult to track, almost immediately online for as much or more than the retail price. And if they sit on them for a […]

Mattel Disney PLANES Diecast: Nebraska Trials Racing 6-Pack – Close Up Look
Posted in Disney Planes, Mattel Disney Planes Diecast on 28 August 2014
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Will this 6-pack actually contain ALL NEW SINGLES? Will a GENIUNE BONAFIDE MIRACLE occur? Will your eyes actually LIGHT UP at a ALL NEW BOX of PLANES? In any case, these PLANES look cool … #05 Fonzarelli #12 Piston #16 Firebird #17 Hammer #18 Jackson Riles and Strut Jetstream Dusty You can view more details […]