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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Riplash Racers are Pulling In

The next generation of ripstick cars are here – called “Riplash Racers.” They can launch multi-vehicles with the same pull.

Thanks for the nice photos, “Wraukn.”

rip peg

Apparently Target cannot figure out which section they should go in. But the price is right. They are $5.99 for the single pack.

LM Rip

Yes, they give the appearance of a multi-pack. Well, you do get 1 plastic 3-dimensional pullstick racer and 1 2-dimensional CAR … 2D in the sense it’s a cardboard card.

Riplash Snot

The TRY-ME is fun though.
Snot rod
They are slightly shorter than a diecast but taller … they are of course, all plastic. There’s also a Mack and tracksets. You can check out more preview photos here.

If you’re collecting them all, besides what you see here, Francesco (not just a cardboard), Dinoco McQueen, Boost, Lewis Hamilton & Max Schnell are scheduled.


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  • JB says:

    I understand they are trying new things, but in the Atlanta area, they are having a hard time just keeping the normal die-casts on the shelves.

  • Jinzo says:

    More trash to take up space 🙁 Sad… Mattel… just give us New regular Cars Please! Think these are better than the water ones. Forgot the name of those. They kind of look like the micro drifters/Minis a bit but I think they are a bit bigger. Aren’t the Neon 1:55 exclusive to Target? Still haven’t seen them yet.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I ran into these a little over a week ago and not very interested.

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