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Mattel Disney CARS: Riplash Racers Ripstick Multi-Launcher

There is a new series of Ripstick CARS coming called RIPLASH RACERS.

Basically a long stick can be pulled and you can launch multi-CARS!

Lightning Chick


2-Packs include: Lightning & Jeff Gorvette, Snot Rod & Hot Rod Mater and Chick Hicks & The King.


LM Rip

Singles at launch include: McQueen, Francesco, Raoul & the King.

There are also versions that come with a launcher though I cannot really figure out why you would need a launcher when you get a ripstick (isn’t the stick the launcher?)

Rip 2-pack

There are also Haulers that can launch 4 Riplash Ripstick CARS. Mack & Francesco Haulers.

Photographer Stylist

Photographer Stylist

Of course, there is a playset – Riplash Racers Rip Start Challenge Loop.

Photographer Bill Kroll Stylist Alison Zukovsky

Not sure if these are coming before Christmas or after …

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