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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: The Big Checklist 2006-2013, Part 2

This checklist combines all the mainline releases from 2006 to 2013. (Part 1 is HERE).

For most completist collectors you should have about 604 releases.

453 CARS 1 & CARS 2 diecasts.

99 CARS 1 & CARS 2 variants (both minor and major).

97 CARS 1 lenticulars (this total doesn’t include lenticular variants – or those who did not collect lenticular can subtract 97).

55 CARS 1 & CARS 2 Kmart Piston Cup & WGP Racers – Rubber tire & silver metallic.

Of course, there are still dozens of minor variants not really counted here. Of course, you can get the full listings in our checklist magazines which offers up photographs of every variant.

This list also does NOT include Expanded Universe & PLANES … someday. 🙂

This is PART 2 of 3. You can right click to print.

(Yes, I added Jay W. and Pit Crew Member Flo here).

If you want a photo checklist, the Complete CARS 2006 to 2011 is here, and CARS 2 Year 2011-2012 is here (2013 is not done yet).

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  • Ryan says:

    MET, I think you’re missing Nature Drive Lightning McQueen from all of these checklists?

    (MET: oops, you’re right).

    • Ryan says:

      MET, you are also missing a Bumper Save Pitty (wide) but without gun that looks like the one with the gun. He is in the “Team” pack (not “Team Crew” pack).

      (MET: Humm, I’ll have to look into that).

      • Ryan says:

        MET, it’s the same situation as the Octane Gain and Nitroade pitties…there should be four different ones like you have it for those (even though the one with gun looks just like one without gun).

    • Ryan says:

      MET, are you also considering the metallic version of Lightning Storm Lightning McQueen from the comic-con as the “variant”??

  • Ryan says:

    Do we know anything if Kit Revster’s going to be available other than in that 7-pack? I never got him. I think I’m just missing him and the Convoy Brothers for Cars 1.

    • Ryan says:

      You know anything about that, MET? Thanks.

      (MET: It does look like there are 4 Bumper SAve Pitty’s … that is the count?)

      • Ryan says:

        MET, that’s what I get, yeah.

        Anything on Kit Revster coming out again?

        And is the comic-con Lightning Storm McQueen what you’re calling the variant?


        (MET: Yes on the SDCC LS but now that you bring it up, it’s probably better yo give it its own line so when I post the update, I’ll add an extra line … no listing for Kit but if recent history is anything, it’ll get moved to the singles lineup for 2015 but there are other exclusives from the Target box sets that have not seen a second release but so far the “new sculpts” mostly seem to have an announced release).

        • Ryan says:

          MET, how about “Van with Stickers” but without actual stickers…variant??? If so, it’s not in your list either. Or since that ends up being just “Van”, not a variant….just a packaging error?

          (MET: Yea, Van with Sticker deserves a yellow variant button – technically the error is the more common but no one seems terribly excited by either so … we’ll call it a minor variant).

          • Ryan says:

            MET, are we sure it’s not just a packaging error?…putting lenticular Van in the Van with Stickers package? Or are the two vehicles without stickers (regular lenty Van and lenty Van with Stickers without stickers) actually different in some other way?

            (MET: I had to go look, forgot the expression thing – so fixed for the next post of the checklist. 🙂 Thanks!

            So, here’s the list

            VAN (classic)
            VAN (lenticular) (same expression as Van San but not green – expression different enough so it should get its own listing)
            VAN with STICKER (lenticular) and variant (Van without sticker).
            & VAN SAN (when/if you count Expanded Universe).

            • Ryan says:

              MET, so then the lenticular Van with Stickers (both with and without the stickers) have the same expression as each other? And are they the same expression as the regular lenticular Van? Or do they have the same expression as the regular non-lenticular Van? Make sense???

              (MET: Yes, (lenticular) VAN WITH STICKER (without or without) the sticker have the same expression BUT his expression is different than VAN (classic fixed eyes) so technically a DIFFERENT release not just a lenticular variant …

              Separately, VAN WITH STICKERS shares the same expression with VAN SAN but since VAN SAN is a different color and classic fixed eyes, he is a separate release also).

  • Mack_me_Bucko says:

    As far as I could tell, the LMQ with sign (and Fred) is no different than any other unibody LMQ, I keep one on my computer desk. Date code on the underside is 3499 EAB M.I.

  • Ryan says:

    Can someone please tell me if that Lightning McQueen with Sign is different than the other McQueens? Besides coming with a sign, of course…. Thanks!

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