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Disney Pixar Star Wars CARS Wars Diecasts Back at the Theme Parks

The Star Wars Dinsey Pixar “CARS Wars” diecasts are back in stock at the Theme Parks.

darth Mater

If you’re not going or not having anyone pick these up for you, you can call their 800 number to order from the Theme Parks. Let us know if the Mater Time Travel CARS are back in stock-on the shelves.

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  • Fillmore1234 says:

    They’ve almost always been in stock somewhere in Disneyland ever since their release. When I went the only ones there were Sally and Fillmore, but a week later they were supposed to get in a big shipment in to restock with the other 4.

  • bobbyjack says:

    My wife and kids are at Disney World right now. I already got the Star Wars Cars thanks to Jestrjeff, but I will be getting her to get me the Time Travel Mater sets hopefully.

  • gododgerblue says:

    Plenty of both Time Travel Mater and Stanley/Lizzie Wedding Day sets as of November 29 at Sarge’s Surplus Hut in Cars Land at DCA. Don’t remember the price, though.

  • Mara says:

    The Time travel Mater sets were there when my family was at Disneyland the last weekend in October. The World of Disney store in downtown Disney had them (its where I got my sets) and many shops on California Adventure had them as well. I didn’t go into many shops in Disneyland. They ones I did go in I didn’t see any sets.

  • LUCA says:

    i still need it…
    noone picked them up for me.. 🙁

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