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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Radiator Springs Classic Surprise – Jay W.

A nice surprise, while every previous Radiator Springs Classic singles and box set release up to now has just been re-releases from CARS 1, for the last (?) two box sets of 2013, a surprise new release – especially the Dinoco 400 Box Set with Jay W. – presumably the W stands for Jay Ward, the current overseer of the CARS licensing property.




Thanks for the great photos, “Craig K.”



JW Side


The bed is plastic as is most all CARS diecast pickup trucks – I think Radiator Springs John Lassetire is the only exception.

JW Mia


Mia & Tia look pretty much the same as they always have – though the paint looks a little brighter but otherwise, the same.

Thanks for the great photos, “Craig K.”

“John H.” also sends along nice comparo photos to Bumper Save’s Crew Chief.



At first glance, you think it’s the same but while they are mostly the same sculpt, Jay W. is actually a new sculpt because Bumper Save’s headlamps, grill and mouth are one attached piece of plastic, Jay W’s grill and headlights are metal but the bumper mouth piece is plastic.



The back piece of plastic bed is slightly different.



Bumper SAve also rides slightly higher.


All the Piston Cup fans – who neutrally root for all the racers – 2 of them released in 2013 – there’s your really obscure CARS trivia.


Thanks for the great photos, “John H.” and “Craig K!”


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