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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: 2014 Case V – The UK V Sign

Thanks Rob (My 6 Kids) for the detailed photos!

The “second” case of 2014 singles has arrived. On the surface, it’s not bad – 1 Super Chase, 1 Chase and 2 other “new” CARS but it’s a poor case assortment.

Out of 24 CARS in this case, there are 4 “new” CARS diecasts.

That’s 17% which is not only a F-grade, it’s like taking a test and you write your name upside down and you mis-spell your first name.

Case V

Since there are already 2 Lightning McQueen’s in the first CASE, I think we could’ve lived with 1 in this case – along with 1 King, HH Lightning, Lewis and Ramone would’ve meant a couple more of Acer & Carla and extras of Shiny Wax, the first ever non-exclusive release … and of course, even if you insist on just 1 Super Chase in each case, no reason not to have 2 Magen’s right? Hey, it’s not like it would cost EXACTLY the same … oh wait, it would.

At least V is appropriately named, it is the UK V-sign (Palms in – NOT the PEACE sign – a little rude but fitting for this case).


Trike Feldman, The first Super Chase released so early in the year. Of course, someone thought no one would buy this if THE ITALIAN SOUVENIR VENDOR only sold Italian flags as the SCREEN SHOT clearly shows so it got changed to American flags along with a giant F-sign … what are you saying Mattel?

The F-signs for Francesco made sense with Italian flags – but an F-letter sign with American flags, er, what’s really going on?

So, cute but why the change? Yes, we Americans like the American flag just fine but do we really need pandering when an ITALIAN souvenir vendor in an ITALY setting is selling the Italian flag on a banner that we cannot even conceive of bringing such a toy back to our house? Why not repaint Francesco – how dare he be red, green and white in our American toy stores?

Magen carrar

Magen Carrar is nice in that they actually used a different expression than Sally and since Sally is/always has been a unibody, they had to create a new mold AND they even added the extra little strip of the sign he drives over – I doubt anyone really would’ve asked for this but a nice touch/bonus – so an upgrade. No idea why he’s a CHASE. Maybe they will re-release him without the drive-on sign?


While adding flames to Carla is not terribly exciting, at least it’s different than just re-releasing her and they didn’t make her a Deluxe so I’m all for adding exhaust adjuncts.

carla velsoso

Adding an earpiece to Acer is less interesting but okay. And it looks like the LEMONS theme carries over.

Grem headsets

So, if you’re keeping score at home, 4 of 24 are “new.”

2 out of 24 if you consider that Sal is at least a repaint Sal Machiani (most likely) and with a new designed plastic back attachment. Unlike Acer or Carla who look the same as the previous versions only with an external piece of plastic glued onto them.

1 of 24 are not re-releases with glued on plastic accessories to the unchanged diecast portion of the CAR – leaving on Magen. Or 4% of the case is not a re-release with a different plastic accessory glued on.

0 out of 24 if you discount Magen as a revised sculpt from a diecast released in 2006 (other than to change his expression) AND the included plastic is not even glued onto him anywhere.

>  🙁

And of course, there is the U TWIN case of V without Spike and includes Mater with headset. More plastic. More glue.

So, the case will look fine for new 2-year old collectors at retail (minus the 4 CARS to sell out first) but for anyone who just didn’t buy/get their first Lightning McQueen a few weeks ago, it’s not V for Victory.

Thanks for the nice detailed photos, Rob (My 6 Kids).


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  • Jack says:

    1 actual new release and a tiny vehicle with a bunch of plastic on the back as a Super chase. More awful. The riduculus storyline of Cars 2 is why we are starved for new releases. Cars 2 should have shown clips and highlights of the WGP cars racing in their home country. Then we could have cool racers, crew chiefs etc. from different countries. Too bad Disney forgot that Cars 2 a story about race cars and a world title should actually have races and race cars in it. 10 racers was supposed to satisfy the line for how many years before Cars 3?

  • Tom says:

    The trike is cool, but the non-super chase twin case looks pretty bad. Mattel has obviously made a conscious effort to maximize profits and limit capital expenditures. Definitely won’t be spending much on Cars in 2014.

  • quercy says:

    Correcting me if I am wrong but so far on 30 officially released 2014 cars, only 2 are “NEW”; Nelson Blindspot and magen Carrar and 2 variant: Carla with flames and Acer with headset. All the others have been released at least once. I do not count Trike feldman since it is a pure insanity and won’t be part of the calandar…. So the repeat ratio is at 87% right now…. My prediction of mininum 60% is very conservative at this time… We would need to see 41 new and/or variant cars on the next 85 release to fail my prediction.. Hopefully I will be wrong but I doubt it… Are you a believer ? The slogan is “Collect them all” not “Collect all the repeats”… In other words… Become a completist to keep the joy of collecting.

  • spider says:

    Now this case has an extra Purple Ramone and no Louis LaRue?

  • Dickbaer says:

    isn´t Magen a girl?

  • John in Missouri says:

    Maybe Trike Feldman will have variant flags for each country in which he’s released.

    In any event, it looks like 2014 will be the year I finally cease collecting. I mean really, pegwarmers on top of pegwarmers on top of pegwarmers is going to kill distribution.

    • toyfountain says:

      The international version of Trike will be very interesting if they do an Italian version. Only thing that worries me, I don’t remember if they have released super chase Cars in the International cards in the past?

  • D J says:

    It would have been nice to see the contents in Trike to match the picture. I like the little lightning bolt and the Globie he has.

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