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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Pit Crew Launchers Wave 2

There are two more listings – wave 2 of these Pit Crew launchers – Octane Gain & Francesco – though they might sport the 2014 Theme look versus the 2013 Theme cards.

The new Pit Crew Launchers don’t seem to have much of an in-store retail presence but are available online.

These are narrower than the CARS 1/CARS 2 original launchers – and one key difference is the Pitty included is plastic – it’s also non removeable and simply part of the launcher.


For those who remember the first style launchers (surprise, incomplete!), it was supposed to originally include a Pitty. The original design was when you pressed down on the trigger, a plastic Pitty would spin around to “fuel” the racer – pressing the trigger again would send it on its way. But of course, that cost too much so no Pitty/Pitty action – just a gate popping up and the racer launching. So, they sort of revived the idea with this last series but without the Pitty actually moving around to fuel the racer …

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  • cac1959 says:

    I’ve seen the new style launcher at a couple of Kroger stores… like toyfountain, I will only buy Tach O Mint as it’s never been released with plastic tires outside the Speedway of the South set.

    Mattel released 19 of the Piston Cup racers as Pit Row Race-off launchers… I was fortunate that a friend made me customs of the 17 unmade launchers to give me a set of 36…

    I remember how excited I was to see Met’s great post from over 4 years ago that announced new cases of launchers and showed photos of a few others:


    How many of us would like to see Mattel finish the Pit Row Race-off launchers?

  • toyfountain says:

    Thankfully I was able to resist the first wave entirely. I think I’ll be safe with this one unless they include one of Tach-O-Mint with plastic tires or a white car with a silver 84 on it (no copyrighted logos on it of course, wouldn’t Disney execs to be chased).

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    The only place I ever saw these was at kohls. They look terrible so we didn’t buy any.

  • brianmc4745 says:

    I found two new releases today at toysrus in TX, the radiator springs classics 3 packs, one was a race day fans box with mia tia and some truck, and the other was the pit crew with flo, mcqueen and guido with a tool box and flo has a trey.

  • carcollector6 says:

    I never even saw the first wave…

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