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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS: Movie Moments Not Just a Minute But Forever

Guess this store will not be getting any more Movie Moments soon or maybe ever?

maybe no 2-packs

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  • danrio says:

    From the Sacramento area

    On Saturday, I found new 2 packs including Uncle Topolino’s Band, Doug Speedcheck, Chisaki and McQueen with a sign. Thuis was a plwasant, unexpected surprise. The local Target is still way behind on Cars and Planes die casts. So much so with Planes that an advertised special on Planes singles and Pit Row sets went through the entire week with a zero inventory!

  • Well while searching for Doug Speedcheck cases at Target, I came across the sad fact that some Targets have hundreds of 2011 Movie Moments in the back room. Sigh…

  • quercy says:

    That would be interesting to compare 2013 and 2014 poster and count how many are pure car repeats (not counting variation like Nigel with flames)… My guess? More than 60% will…

  • quercy says:

    All Porta Corsa cards must be returned to Mattel…. Then they can send them to their 8 magnificent outlets… Lets move on with the 2014 “last year repeats”… I should say “weeks or few months ago repeats” We can’t wait for them!!! 😉

  • carcollector6 says:


  • Jinzo says:

    That’s exactly my problem MET at almost all my stores except WM. Well they do have some but not to the point they are overfilled like this. My local Target has 50+ still in the stockroom. Really hope Mattel comes by again and cleans them all up because they won’t move at all.

  • Tom says:

    A lot of stores look like that. Get a clue, Mattel!

  • brittanycenter2007 says:

    This is what my local walmart stores have looked like for the past 2+ years!!!! The only place I can count on for new two packs is target! :/

  • John says:

    Our Target just unboxed and hung some more. The case with Grem and damaged Rod Torque Redline.

  • cac1959 says:

    There are still several stores in the midwest with 2 packs from the May 2011 product launch and no others… There are plenty of Finn/Tomber and McQueen/Francesco to go around in addition to Mater/ZMP… and Walmart stores are still sitting on loads of the Raoul/Bruno and Nigel/Austin Movie Moments from 2013 case A… it’s time for Mattel to pull stock once again.

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