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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Metallic Frosty Australia Numbers

“OzzieMum” sends us photos of the Target ad …


Australia Target … AUD to USD is about $1 to $1 (well, more like $1 to $.94) but essentially 1 to 1. OzzieMum is starting to find them on the shelves – it’s unclear when they are supposed to be selling them as each store seems to be going by a different date (surprise!) – those are the free Australian versions of the 2013 poster.


Merry Christmas indeed! Interesting in Australia you say Merry Christmas and not Happy Christmas like the British? Or do they buy all the signage from the US Target also?

Don’t forget Mark Winterbottom, the Frosty race car driver is making promotional appearances so if you want it signed … Check out his Facebook page if he’s making additional appearances.


Thanks for the heads up, info and photos, “OzzieMum.”

Paul V sent an interesting note, “… Found a box of Frosty 2.0, there are 12 in a box and the sticker on the box had carton 46 of 574. so a good guesstimate of total quantity produced.”

And I totally forgot that “Jeaks” had sent along a great photo of the outside of the box.

So, yes 12 to a case, not 24.

frosty box

AND the label here reads #89 of #208 to Target’s Distribution Center – “Jeaks” is on the West Coast and I presume Paul V. is on the East Coast where most of the population are … so it’s logical the East Coast distribution center got 574 cases.


IF Target only has two main distribution warehouse centers – that would mean Target got a total of 782 cases or @9,384 Frosty singles. Which sounds very reasonably correct for a repaint exclusive. Mattel & Disney get a few cases to double check and for promotional distribution – leaving a few dozen cases for Mark Winterbottom’s promotional appearances. They will generally send them to the PR agency as it’s safer than mailing them to the stores who might just sell them. So, presuming, there are a total of @800 cases, that’s about 9,600 Metallic Frosty’s produced.

As there are about 300 Australia Target’s – that would mean each store should get 2-3 cases. The largest store in an large population area might get 4 and a small store in a small town might just get 1 case – presumably. The numbers certainly seem to make sense.

Of course, this presumes that the two distribution centers numbers add up – if someone uncovers a third – Southeast Australia? Then we’ll adjust the numbers but it seems safe to guess @9,600 or @10,000 just to round up.

So, thanks OzzieMum, Jeaks and Paul V for the info and photos.

Good luck!



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  • TeenageFC says:

    An update on numbers for Frosty. I live in Sydney, Australia and my local Target store had a whole rack full of Frosty’s. I counted over 50 Frosty’s exclusively taking up 9 pegs in store. Some of the pegs had been depleted already so I can only presume that there were more to start with.

    Certainly plenty to go around and then some.

  • Silver Frosty says:

    Hi all,

    I was lucky enough to score a case of metallic Frostys. I have posted pictures on the PCD forum.

    My case was for Melbourne (the second largest city in Aus and) from the Laverton, Melbourne distribution centre (up the road from Target Australia HQ) and had a carton no. of 267 of 715.

    Is everyone sure that all 715 of these cartons would be of only Frosty?

    I’m not sure if all 715 cartons would be Frosty cartons as I quickly saw the computer list of how many Frostys would go to each store in Melbourne and it totalled about 700-900 cars (not cases).

    350 cars were delivered to the southland target store for the Frosty signing session and this was by far the most. These sold out before Frosty even arrived to sign and many people in the line were fuming! 95 went to the CBD store, 100 to highpoint, 50 to northland and various double digit quantities were sent to other Melbourne stores.

    The advertising for Frosty also said that country Target stores wouldn’t be getting Frosty although I’m not sure if this is true. If it was only the metropolitan stores that received Frosty then it reduces the 300 stores number down substantially.

    I would guess based on what Melbourne has received that therefore that there are only going to be 4000 metallic Frostys.

  • Ryan says:

    Also interesting that the Christmas signage has snowflakes on it….in the middle of summer.

  • andre236 says:

    Funny, contacted a friend of mine in Sydney… He got me one…

  • NascarFan says:

    Jeaks and Ozziemum and others THANK YOU !!!

  • Tom says:

    Riveting. Thanks for the great article, Met.
    Thanks to our pals for sharing the Frosty love too!

  • Collector10 says:

    If anyone has a couple of Metallic Frostys they would like to sell please contact me. (Collector10)

  • cac1959 says:

    I’m definitely looking forward to Silver Frosty… thanks to our friends in Australia for helping us out with this.

    • materrocks says:

      If anyone who is able to get one for me, I would be most appreciative. I don’t know if I would see one on the pegs here in Colorado at one of our Targets. My Targets have been dry in the new car department. Sigh! Please don’t forget mine. Thank you. GAILAS@msndotcom.

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