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Mattel Disney Pixar CARS Diecast: Vern is a Variant

“Mark T.” spotted this and sent along photos. I had simply checked VERN off my list and packed him away, not even bothering to look – who knew?!


Vern like most CARS diecast from the 2009-2010 era had plastic bumpers/mouth piece – in fact, Vern’s back bumper was also plastic but in the case of Vern, it didn’t really look out of place. As an large US sedan from the 1990’s era – the line crease across for the front & back for the attachment of bumpers did not really look out of place.

But regardless – UPGRADE!

Vern is now a unibody – the front and back bumpers are all part of the main body shell, all metal diecast – no attachments.


Thanks for noticing and the photos, “Mark T.” (obviously a much classier setup and storage!)

Verns’ is a real taxi service and Vern is a real person. In fact, he might be the most obscure CARS diecast character that you can actually track down the living person to sign the card. I guess it wouldn’t be easy for an American to track down the real “David Hobbscapp,” but I presume he’s as well known in the UK to race fans as Darrell Waltrip/Cartrip is in the US so “Vern” still wins this.

As for voice actors, the guy who does Guido is probably the obscurity award in this category. And of course, you can’t really just drive to his office, open the door and say howdy.

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